Dancing Girl

Kristy was always a amazing dancer. One day, she gets an offer from One Direction to be a background dancer. She rejects!!! Will she take the offer? Kristy's haunting past will change everything.


3. Working at Starbucks

Kristy's Pov:

I tie my apron around my waist and neck. "Kristy your working the counter." My boss, Rachel commands. I head over to my station. I see a boy who looks quite familiar. "Hey, can I have a latte and a pumpkin scone." He asked me. "Um...would you like anything else with that Niall." I say with a broad smile. "How'd you know?" he question hoping no one heard me. "You have a shirt that says "I'm a nobody" on it!" I say laughing. He looks down at his shirt then looks into my eyes. "I never noticed this before,but your eyes are really pretty." he says. I grab his coffee and pumpkin scone and hand them to him. "Thanks, will you go out with me." Niall asks me. "Um...No thanks....but thanks for asking anyway." I say with my nose in the air. "You don't like One Direction, you don't want to date me. For crying out loud, I'm Niall Horan from One Direction." He says a little to loudly. Everyone starts to stare. "Hey, it's Niall from One Direction!" A little girl says. Everyone starts to head for Niall. "Help me out of here." Niall whispers to me. I take him into the kitchen while Rachel blocks off the people from getting into the kitchen. "Hop into my car I'll drive you back to your hotel." I say holding his wrist. I hop into my car and drive off.

Niall's Pov:

She's just so pretty with her carmel brown hair and brown eyes. She was beautiful. I don't want to date her because the boys forced me into to doing so she can like One Direction. I want to date her for her. I love her.


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