Dancing Girl

Kristy was always a amazing dancer. One day, she gets an offer from One Direction to be a background dancer. She rejects!!! Will she take the offer? Kristy's haunting past will change everything.


4. The Hotel

Kristy's Pov:

As we approach the hotel parking lot, I see a million fans chasing after my car. "Niall, how are we going to get in to the hotel with all these fans chasing after us?" I questioned. "I don't know!" He says. I park close to the entence so we can hurry inside. I hop out of the car and run inside with Niall. Two security guards instantly lock the doors when we get inside. Niall winksat them to tell them thank you. He grabs my hand and takes me to the elevator. "What floor?" I asked with a scratchy voice. "Six and your throat sounds terrible. You should stay at our place over the night." Niall tweeted. "Um, I'm not sure-" I started to say. "Your staying." Niall demanded as he cut me off. "Ok," I said, "as long as my throat is red I'll stay." I have to say my throat does hurt. I think. "Fine, I'll stay as long as if you stop looking at me that way." I said smiling. I swear, he has a crush on me. I can tell because the way he smiles at me and the way he looks at me too. The elevator opens to a lovely room. "Omigawd, your place is so cool." I say. Niall grabs my lower back and pushes me up to him. I look into his eyes. I lean in, still looking in his eyes. My lips touched his. We kissed! It felt so magical, but it felt so wrong at the same time. I instantly push on his chest. He release insantly. "What's wrong?" Niall said. "We're not even dating." I state with a mad look on my face. "Will you go out with me?" Niall asked looking serious. "Yes, yes of course!" I yell happily. I run up and hug him.

Niall's Pov:

Yes, finally! We're dating! I kiss her on the cheek. She has the most beautiful smile and eyes in the world. I go sit on the couch and pull out my iPhone.

Niall: I'm dating Kristy!

Harry: That's great! Have you asked her about the background dancer contract.

Niall: No, why would I ask her about. I don't want to date her because of the background dancer!

Louis: That's awesome and Niall, Harry is right, you need to make sure she says yes.

Liam: If Niall doesn't want to ask then let him be!

Zayn: Awe, Niall you are so sweet!

Niall: Thanks Liam for understanding.

Liam: No problem mate!

Niall: GTG bye

"Kristy wanna order room service?" I question. She was looking at her iPhone, just like me. "Sure, I'd like some french fries." She tweeted not looking up from her phone. I grab the phone and order our snack.


I hear a knock on the door. I run to the door not caring if I was bothering anyone on floor 5. "Your food has arrived Mr. Horan." say the man. I take the food and sit at the table. "Kristy, food has arrived." I yelled. "Coming!" She yells. I hear faint footsteps. "I'm here!" She says in a loving tone. She sits next to me. I give her a kiss on the cheek.

Author's Message

Sorry I haven't updated for awhile now. I've been super busy with school and swimming. I'll to update everyday. Luff Ya'll

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