Dancing Girl

Kristy was always a amazing dancer. One day, she gets an offer from One Direction to be a background dancer. She rejects!!! Will she take the offer? Kristy's haunting past will change everything.


2. The Contract

Kristy's Pov:

"Kristy, Lucy, Kayla, and Lollie! Come to my office!" Said Headmitress Miller. I start to freeze up wondering what will happen. "Um ...okay?" Lollie says quietly. We all stand up and head for her office. As we stroll into her office, we see five boys sitting at her desk. "Omigawd!!! It's One Direction!!!!!" say Lucy jumping up and down. "Hey I'm Niall, this is Louis, Harry, Liam, and Zayn." Niall greeted. "Hey I'm Kristy, this is Lucy, Lollie, and Mikayla but you can call her Kayla." I greeted. Headmitress Miller sits down on her chair. "As you know they are One Direction and they have something huge to ask you." Headmitress Miller says excitedly. "We want you girls to be our new backup dancers!" They say together. "Your lying!" I say madly. I never want to be a part of One Direction. In fact I hated One Direction! All my friends think I'm crazy but I'm always focus on my career as a professional dancer in ballet. I have work at Starbucks everyday after dance. "Um I ...not intressed in your guys offer." I say rudely as if affended. "Come on Kris it will be fun!" Lollie says. "No, I'm to busy with dance and work." I say even more rudely. That was the end of my big break with One Direction.

Niall's Pov:

Why didn't she except our offer?

Was she a fan or not?

I have to get her to like?









Luff Ya


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