Dancing Girl

Kristy was always a amazing dancer. One day, she gets an offer from One Direction to be a background dancer. She rejects!!! Will she take the offer? Kristy's haunting past will change everything.


5. The Boys Arrive

Niall's Pov:

Where are they? I think. I've been waiting for them for thirty-five minutes. Kristy walks up to me and puts her hand around my waist. I kiss her softly on the forehead. I pull my phone out of my back pocket. I got straight to speed dial and punch in 5. Number five is Zayn. I put the phone up to my ear and listen for the sound that means connecting. I hear a voice on the other side of the line it's Harry.

"Hey Harry."

"Hey Niall."

"Why do you have Zayn's phone?"

"He's in the loo."

"Okay then."

"Will you do me a favor Harry an gather the boys and head to the hotel?"

"Of Course!"

"We'll be there soon."

I hit the red phone to end the call. "Damn, I really need to get a iPhone!" I put my phone in my pocket and for living room. I sit on the couch and turn on Jersey Shores. Right now I could really go for Nandos. I have a slight headache but to bad. I see Kristy digging in the bookshelf. She pulls out the book The Clique by Lisi Harrison. I see a slight scar on her neck. "What is that scar from?" I say ever so carefully. "I don't want to talk about it." I see tears on the rims of her eyes. "It's okay you don't have to tell me." I comfort. I put my arm around her. My eyes are tearing up just thinking of the possiblities of what happened. She is not a force to be reckoned with. I hear the door open behind the couch to see four boys standing in the back of me. "Hey Louis, Harry, Zayn and Liam." I greet. They all sit on the couch next to Kristy and me. Of course Harry sits next to the Kristy because she's a girl. Louis pushes me out of the way so he can sit by Kristy too. Louis pokes her in the shoulder. "So this is Kristy, date me instead of Niall. She laughs softly. Her laugh is so beautiful. I wish Louis had never said that in the first place.

Louis's Pov:

Kristy is the most gorgeous and amazing girl I've ever seen. Her laugh is so adorable. She's perfect. Why does Niall get the action. "Hey guys, let's play truth or dare!" I say loudly. "Sure!" They say all together. "Harry truth or dare?" I asked in my megamind voice. "Dare!" He screams. "I dare you to kiss Kristy on the lips with tongue for a minute." Niall has his mad face on. This should get intresting.

Kristy's Pov:

My face went competely blank. Harry has to do the dare or else he will get double dog dared.

Harry"s Pov:

I lean in and she does the same for me. Our lips touch and so do our tongues. It was more then a minute. She seemed to like it a lot. I let go of her and her tongue. I think I just stole Niall's girlfriend.

Author's Note:

Hey guys! Like this chapter? This took me an hour to write. Should Kristy break up with Niall? I'll let you choose! This was a twist ending. Comment and tell your opinion of what I could do better! Thank you for being such good readers. Luff Ya'll!!!

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