Dancing Girl

Kristy was always a amazing dancer. One day, she gets an offer from One Direction to be a background dancer. She rejects!!! Will she take the offer? Kristy's haunting past will change everything.


1. Late

Lollie's Pov

I wake up to the sound of my alarm. "Crap, I'm late for dance!" I said as jump out bed. I run over to my dresserif and pick up my iphone and call Lucy. "Hey Lu, what dance style is it today?" I asked. "Um...Contemporary I think." She says unknowning. "Ok, if your wrong, I will get my revenge on you." I say loudly. "You say that every time, but you never plant revenge on me." she states. I laugh through the phone then hang up. I grab my leotard and my spandex and put some tennis shoes on and head out my apartment. I reach the elevator and hop on to find Kristy. "Hey Kris, what's up?" I ask. "Oh, you know the usual!" She says smiling at me. The elevator stops on the main floor. I stop at the front desk to talk to Oscar. "Hey Oscar, any bills for me to pay?" I question with a smile. "Just the water bill." He states. He hands me a package with my bill inside of it. I head out for my car. I hop into the car and drive to England's finest dance academy, Royal Academy of England.

Kayla's Pov:

I grab my converse and start to head into hip hop. Where are she? I think. I see Lollie running into the building with her contemporary clothes. Oh Lollie, she always ask Lucy for what type of dance. "Sorry I'm late." Lollie says breathing hard. "You know it's ballet, right?" Kristy questions. "Um, sure." She says embarassed. We all laugh.

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