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He met her on a rainy night after his Tour Bus broke down. She knew who he was, and wasn't sure she wanted to take a trip into his world. He wanted a taste of her life, so when he takes a break from the fame to spend time with her, she opens up his eyes to her way of life. A completed Niall Horan story.


19. Tickle fights and limo rides

Friday finally came around and my suitcase and bags are sitting at the front door waiting to be loaded into a cab because my parents have to drive my sister to school and my dad needs the second car for work. I'm eating waffles and watching re-runs of Hannah Montana with Gracie. My mum walks into the kitchen and smiles.

"Gracie, go get ready for school, OK?" My mum nods her head towards the stairs. My dad comes into the kitchen and grabs a piece of toast. 

"So you're going to stay at you're cousin Megan's, and she is responsible for driving and picking you up. I talked to her last night and she said she was looking forward to seeing you" My mum starts off and I already know where this conversation is going."You need to make sure she knows where you are at all times in case something happens" 

"Make sure to call and text us every once in a while to let us know how you're doing. Have fun, and try not to get into trouble or do anything you'll regret later. I like Niall and I think you two are good for each other, but the doesn't mean to let you're guard down. Boys will be boys"

 I smile and hug him. "I will daddy, and I know. It's just a couple of days so try not to miss me too much"  There's a loud honk from outside the house.

"That must be the cab. I'll call you when I get into L.A." I run outside to the front lawn and wave at the driver. My dad hauls my stuff into the back of the cab and when he's finished, I give him and my mom another hug. I climb into the back seat of the cab and we drive to the airport. There's so many people checking in and leaving it's dis-orientating. I search for some signs as to where my gate might be when I spot one. As I head down to the gate my phone rings and I pick it up.

"Hello?" I say as my head swivels around to find another sign to point me to the bathrooms.

"Hey Princess!" A familiar Irish voice says into my ear. "Are you boarding for you're flight yet?"

"Soon, but I actually have to find my flight first before I can get on it. Airports are confusing!"

"Just grab someone in a uniform and show them your ticket. Have you gone through security yet?" He asks

"I'm going through right now" I head over to an area called 'SECURITY' and they wave me in. 

"Well from there it's easy. I hope you have a safe flight and I'll be waiting for you when you get here Princess!" I can hear the smile in his voice and I smile to.

"Buh buy!"

"Bye Trea" and we hang up.

I go through security and then I find someone to help me to my gate. They called my flight number and we boarded the plane and took off. Now we're about to land.

"...Fasten your seat belts we are preparing for landing" The nice flight attendant calls over the intercom. 

As we make our decent into L.A, I look out the window and see the palm trees. My stomach gets all giddy knowing that I'll be seeing Niall soon. I make my way off the plane and I grab my luggage. After customs, I drag my stuff out of this big door that leads to the main waiting area, and across the room are glass sliding doors to the outside. I scope out the room looking for Niall but I don't see him. My finger push through my hair and I chew my bottom lip still searching.

"Trea!" I turn around and see Zayn and Niall coming towards me. My lips break into a smile and I start running towards them. Niall's face lights up when he sees me and when I reach him I jump into his arms. Zayn grabs my luggage and watches as Niall and I stand there holding each other. 

"I missed you!" I exclaim and Niall kisses me straight on my mouth. I kiss him back and my heart does a leap. When we break apart, I grab Niall's hand and we walk out a back door leading to a beautiful Limo. We all climb in and I'm greeted by the rest of the boys.

"Oh Trea we missed you so much!" Louis hugs me over dramatically and I play slap him on the arm.

"It's nice to see you again Trea!" Liam says and smiles at me.

Niall leans through the little window and hands the driver a piece of paper. He crawls back over to me and wraps his arms around me. He buries his head into my shoulder and laughs when I tickle him a bit.

"What did you give the driver?" I ask, my curiosity getting the best of me.

"The address to your cousins apartment to drop your stuff off" He smiles and wiggles his eye brows at me.

"Where are we going after that?" I twirl a piece of my hair and ask Niall.

"You'll see!" Niall tickles me back and I laugh so hard I fall off the seat and onto the floor of the limo.

"Tickle fight!" I hear Louis yell, and then it's chaos. Harry tickling Liam, Zayn tickling Niall, and Louis just laughing his butt off as I tickle him. All of a sudden, Harry pulls me down and pins me to the floor. Then Niall tickles me. I can't move so I just laugh and laugh and laugh. Then the rest of the boys tickle me and I'm crying from laughing so much.

"Stop it!" I shriek mid-laugh "I'm gonna peeee!" Niall gets in one last tickle and they all climb back into their seats while I'm still lying on the floor laughing and crying. 

I roll onto my stomach and plop myself as far away from the boys as I can. Niall tries to sneak over. I push him away and give him my best 'Don't even think about it' look. I can feel Zayn's gaze on me and my eyes lift to his. They quickly dart away and I look back at Niall. He's giving me a puppy dog face and I give in and let him sit next to me again. We pull up to a set of apartment buildings and the driver opens the door. When I get out, Megan is standing by the lobby doors of the building on her phone. Here we go..

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