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He met her on a rainy night after his Tour Bus broke down. She knew who he was, and wasn't sure she wanted to take a trip into his world. He wanted a taste of her life, so when he takes a break from the fame to spend time with her, she opens up his eyes to her way of life. A completed Niall Horan story.


25. Thanks for reading!

Thank you to anyone who has read this book. It means A LOT. ' Comment if you guys liked the story, I had tons of fun writing it. I am currently writing another fan fiction, but I'm not going to start publishing till i'm finished. I'm about halfway done and it's going to be called 'Damaged Goods' It will have way more drama, romance, and it's a bit of a sad story. 

Again, I'm sorry for taking forever to finish this book, but by the last couple chapters I didn't really want to write anymore. Thanks so much for reading!

Never stop smiling,

StarKite xx

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