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He met her on a rainy night after his Tour Bus broke down. She knew who he was, and wasn't sure she wanted to take a trip into his world. He wanted a taste of her life, so when he takes a break from the fame to spend time with her, she opens up his eyes to her way of life. A completed Niall Horan story.


23. Shopping day

I fall asleep at some point or another during the scary movie we watched. Nothing really scares me. When I wake up, it takes me a second to remember where I am. I stretch my long limbs above my head, listening to the sounds of the morning but it's unusually quiet. I peek my head out of my bedroom door and glance down the hallway to the other rooms the boys sleep in. My oversize camp t-shirt hangs to my mid thigh and I tiptoe into Niall's room. He's still sleeping and his snores are so soft and cute. I crawl into bed with him, and move his hair out of his face. His right eye cracks open and a smile spreads across his face, flashing his braces. He gives me a hug and we kiss a few times before heading down stairs for breakfast.

"You ok Niall?" I ask him, knowing he's still upset about Zayn.

"I'm fine. What do you want to do today? You leave tomorrow morning." He looks at me with a smile.

"I dunno...hmmm" I think about it for a couple seconds, then a smile creeps onto my face. "Shopping?"

I showered and dressed and an hour later Niall and I were on our way to a huge shopping mall. We do a round of the first floor, but it's mostly electronics. 

"There's a store on the second floor I think you'll like" Niall grin mischievously at me and he leads me to a small corner shop. I walk in and my jaw drops. It's a whole store dedicated to socks. All kinds of socks. Big socks, little socks, lace socks, wool socks. But the pair that catches my eye are the ones on a stand at the back. Polka dot rainbow with light up spots. 

"These one's are so cool!" I hold them up to Niall and he just laughs. Mid laugh he leans forwards and plants his lips on mine for a sweet second before paying for my socks. As he's paying, I find another pair and set them on the counter. 

"I need these one's too" They have Niall's face all over them. It's an old picture, where his hair is flat against his head and his teeth are a little crooked.

"You want to wear me on your feet?" He asks, a smile taking over his face. I nod and he buys them for me.

"Thanks for the socks Niall" I grab his hand and we keep shopping. We pass by a few more stores, going in some before we hit the food court and I see the familiar insignia for my favorite restaurant. 

"Nando's!" both Niall and I say at the same time, and we look at each other, our faces mirroring with surprise. 

"You like Nando's?" Niall ask, wide eyed.

"Yes! I only get to eat there when I take trips to the bigger cities, because we don't have one where we live" I tell him and we walk over to the restaurant. A few minutes later we sit down with our food and start to eat. Then I hear a few high screams and I look behind me. A bunch of teenage girls are crowding around the restaurant pointing at us.

"Uhm...Niall?" I can see he looks worried, since we don't have any body guards or people to get the fans away. All of a sudden a couple of the girls inch forward and hold out books and pictures for Niall to sign. He smiles and signs them, then they turn to me their smiles fading from their perfect lips. 

"Who are you?" A blond one asks, clearly disturbed by my presence. 

"I'm Trea. Niall's...." I drift off, still deciding weather or not I should tell them i'm dating Niall. 

"Friend. She's a close family friend. Like a sister" Niall finishes for me, and I let out a sigh of relief. The girls smile and giggle, then they turn and leave. More come, and more after that. Before I know it, I'm basically eating by myself while Niall signs autographs and talks to pretty girls. I don't really mind though, because he's always making funny faces at me and winking between photos.  When it dies down, we leave and walk out of the mall before more mobs of girls attack us. When we get in the limo Niall called for earlier, he grabs my hands and leans against me. 

"We're finally alone..." I thought that was going to be the start of a beautiful make-out session, but Niall falls asleep on my shoulder within seconds of us getting in the car. Before I know it, I fall asleep too, and I vaguely remember being carried out of the limo by Harry, Liam probably carrying Niall. 

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