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He met her on a rainy night after his Tour Bus broke down. She knew who he was, and wasn't sure she wanted to take a trip into his world. He wanted a taste of her life, so when he takes a break from the fame to spend time with her, she opens up his eyes to her way of life. A completed Niall Horan story.


15. Parting as friends

The next few day flew by fast. I did all of my back to school shopping, and helped Gracie pick out her first day outfit. As much as I try to keep my thoughts away from Niall and I's final week together pressing closer, I couldn't help but think about it. I know long distant relationships end up breaking one way or another, and it's hard to fit phone calls and Skype meetings into a busy school scheduled. Maybe it would just be best if we left as friends, and call this whole thing a fling. But I don't want it to be just a fling... What's easier though? Cherishing this time we have left and parting as friends dodging the heartbreak  or trying to work a long distant relationship and having it most likely end in heartbreak?

I flop down on my bed, pushing my hair out of my face. It has turned cold quickly, and summer has been stolen away early this year. I cover my face with my pillow and let out a short scream. throwing the pillow onto the floor, I glance the pile of textbooks and school supplies. I still need to un-package it all and sort through it. There's a knock at my door and my mother peeks her head into the room.

"Hey sweetie, Niall's downstairs" I shut my eyes. How could I forget the Niall was coming over? I roll of the bed and do a quick check in the mirror. My dark jeans have a few splatters of paint on them, my faded out t-shirt hangs loose on my shoulders, and my hair is flat and tangled. In other words, I look like a mess.

"Just send him up please" I kick some clothing items under my bed and quickly braid my hair to the side. I jump up and shake my arms to get the stress and worries out. Niall shuffles into my room and when he spots me, he rushes over and embraces me. My toes lift off the ground, and I try to smile but I have too much on my mind. He gives my a light kiss on my lips and set me down. I run my hand through the shorter strands that don't fit into my braid.

"Hey Nialler" I look at him and his warm eyes make me feel fuzzy inside. He lays on his stomach on my bed and I sit on the floor, my back resting against the bed. I look over my shoulder to see him and I try a weak smile.

"What's wrong princess?" Niall's eyebrows come together in question.

"Just a lot on my mind I guess" I let my eyes drift away from his. "School, us, and life in general"

We both sit quietly for a second and a let out a long breath. I feel Niall's arms wrap around me and his lips touch my jaw line. He send kisses up my neck and onto my cheek before reaching my lips. I tilt my head back and he slides forward an inch. We are in the middle of our 'Spider man' kiss when my hands reach up and tangle themselves in his hair. It's a soft kiss, tender and meaningful. Then Niall cups my upside down face and we deepen the kiss. Electricity shoots through my body and I feel more alive than I have all week. When we pull apart, we both have silly smiles on our faces. How will I ever let this boy go?

Niall and I spent the next hour un-packaging and organizing all my school supplies as well as pick out my first day outfit.

"I don't want to be too noticeable" I tell Niall as he looks through my closet, a pile of clothing on the floor already accumulating. 

"I know. You'd better wear something that covers you all up, so no boys chase you around" He pulls out a huge baggy sweater, a chunky infinity scarf, and a maxi skirt that flows all the way to the floor.

"I don't want to look like I've never seen the sun!" I laugh and help him put it back. I pull out some light jeans, a dark blue v-neck t-shirt with a picture of a old school camera on it, and the same infinity scarf Niall pulled out earlier. To top off the look, I grab a  bigger plaid flannel shirt.

"There. Then if I get cold I can just bundle myself up in this plaid long sleeve" I look over at Niall, holding out the articles of clothing.

"I think you'll look beautiful" He smiles, but there is a hint of sadness behind his smile. I drop the clothing into a pile beside the rest of my school stuff and walk over to where Niall is leaning against my closet door. I pick up his hands and our fingers slide into place next to each other.

"I've been thinking..." l don't look at Niall's eyes because I fear if I do, I won't be able to say what I need to. "I've been thinking that maybe we should just be friends. So when you leave it won't be like we broke up, more like you just left a friend for a while" I carefully look up at him, and his eyes are looking out the window unfocused. 

"This is so hard for me Niall, but I'd rather part as friends so we can avoid the heartbreak" He doesn't look at me.

"Come with me Trea. On tour. Then we don't have to be anything less that what we are" He looks at me with pleading eyes. This time I'm the one who looks away. 

"I can't just get up and leave, Niall. I've got a life and school and family. These last two school years determine what my future looks like. As much as I love you Niall, school comes first. I'm sorry but I want to make a life for myself and not have to rely on anyone else" So I just admitted I love Niall, and I just pushed him away. The whole time I tell him this, I watch his reaction. The last thing I want to do is put a void between us. 

"So this is it then?" Niall looks hurt, but he also looks like he understands. I bring my arms around his neck and lay my head on his chest, closing my eyes. I can feel his breaths and hear his heartbeat. After a second, Niall wraps his arms around me and sighs. 

"I'm gonna miss you" I state and pull myself away from Niall. "You understand why it's better this way, right?"

"Yeah I get it. You have school, and I have a tour to get back to. It makes the most sense just to leave as friends" It sounds like he's trying more to convince himself than me. I look at my watch and it's almost 6:00 pm. 

"Do you want to stay for dinner?" I ask Niall, fiddling with my hair.

"No thanks, but I'll see you later Trea" He moves forward to kiss my cheek, but stops himself when he realizes that we just broke up. Instead, he gives me a small smile and heads out the door. I stand in the middle of my room, Christmas lights shining and looking at my feet. A tear slips away and hits the floor, but I quickly wipe it away. 


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