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He met her on a rainy night after his Tour Bus broke down. She knew who he was, and wasn't sure she wanted to take a trip into his world. He wanted a taste of her life, so when he takes a break from the fame to spend time with her, she opens up his eyes to her way of life. A completed Niall Horan story.


21. Painted kiss

Niall dropped me off at Megs and I crawl into bed exhausted from our Disney date. The next morning I wake up to a body next to me. I turn my head to see who it is. Niall's perfect face is sleeping next to me, his arms warped around my waist. 

"Niall?!? What the-" I scramble out of his arms and fall onto the hard wooden floor. I pop up, my eyes just above the bed and my butt on the floor. Niall looks shocked at what just happened.

"What the heck are you doing?!?" I ask him, not really sure whats going on.

"I came to surprise you, but then I guess I fell asleep!" He laughs and pats my hair down. I groan and hit him with a pillow when I stand up. He pulls me down onto the bed and hits me back with another pillow. We have a pillow fight for a bit, and Niall finally gives up when I pin him down and hit him repeatedly with my pillow. I pull on an over sized grey sweater over top of my pink sleep boxers and faded blue long sleeve shirt. Niall come over and picks me up bridal style. I laugh and he carries me out of my bedroom. 

"To the kitchen!" I yell and point towards the fridge. Niall carries me over and I pull it open, still in his arms. I grab the milk and Niall grabs the Lucky Charm's cereal. He sets me down at the little kitchen table and we eat breakfast. Meg comes shuffling out of her room with a coffee cup in her hands. She winks at me, grabs her car keys and heads out the door.

"I'm going to work for the day, I'll be back at 5:00 tonight! Don't burn the building down!" I hear the door click shut and I sigh.

"So what's the plan for today?" I ask Niall. 

"Well, I have to meet uncle Simon for lunch, but you can hang out with Zayn and Harry while I'm gone. Then I'll take you wherever you want to go in the afternoon" Niall grins and kisses my cheek. "I just wanted to see you this morning before I leave"

"Thanks. I'm glad to see you to" I carry my dishes to the sink and wash them off. Niall shrugs on his hoodie and hugs me before he has to leave.

"Zayn and Harry will be here in about an hour to pick you up. See you soon princess" He waves goodbye and blows me a kiss.

I jump in the shower, thinking about seeing Niall later and wondering if he'll take me shopping. I get dressed into white shorts with a navy blue t-shirt. I pile on the leather bracelets and put a dark pink bandanna in my hair across my forehead and tie in on the side. I loosely curl the rest of my hair and put on some makeup. 

"Trea?" I hear Harry's deep voice call. 

"I'm coming!" I grab my bag and Harry and I jump into the limo where Zayn is waiting.

"Hey Zayn" I flash him a smile and he returns it. "What are we doing today?" 

"We have these cool new paint guns that shoot streams of pain. We're going to paint the side of our house here!" Harry tells me eagerly.

"Sounds fun!" Yay! I get to paint the side of a cool is that? I wonder...My thoughts trail off and before I know it we're pulling into the yard of this beautiful white mansion. We all get out and head around the side of the house where a big blue pool and a few buckets full of colourful paint guns await us. I try to suppress a squeal of excitement when I pick up a gun with a label saying "deep purple" on the side. That must be the colour of the paint inside. Harry and Zayn both pick up guns and smile at me. 

"Ok, so we're aiming for the whole wall on the right" Zayn says in a generals voice. I try not to giggle. "Do you think you cadets can handle this mission? No paint on anything other than the wall, and if you do, you will be punished. Into the pool of death!" 

By now Harry and I are standing up straight and we give Zayn a salute and march over to the wall.

"Guns at a ready! Aim! FIIIRREEE!!" Zayn yells and we all shoot paint at the wall. Purple, yellow, and red all mix together and make cool splash marks on the white wall. We continue this until one of Zayn's shots misses the wall and hits me in the back. My mouth drops open but soon twists into a smile.

"Walk the plank into the pool of death!" I aim my gun at him threatening to shoot him if he doesn't do what I say. Zayn walks onto the diving board and takes off his shirt. I nudge my gun in the direction of the water beneath him and he jumps in. When he surfaces, he swims to the edge and climbs out. I can see Harry running over out of the corner of my eye. He lifts his gun and shoots Zayn at the side of his head. Then he turns to me and shoots me. I shoot him back and take cover behind a tree. I can hear Zayn shouting at Harry and the sound of paint hitting the ground. All of a sudden Zayn comes running around the tree and hits me with green paint. I hit him back and Harry starts to chase me around. I stop running when I get close to the pool and Harry stops too. A wicked smile appears on his face and he takes aim at my chest. He pulls the trigger but nothing happens. His smiles fades away and is replaced with a groan. I raise my gun and shoot what's left of my paint at him. We both laugh and look around.

"Where's Zayn?" I ask, and as soon as I finish, Zayn scopes me up and jumps into the pool with me. I feel the water rush over me and I open my eyes underwater. My arms move and I swim to the top. When I climb out, giggles erupt from my throat and Harry jumps into the pool on top of Zayn. I wring my hair out and lay back, with my legs still in the water. Zayn comes and sits next to me, still laughing. 

"I'll got get us some towels! Be right back!" Harry calls as he enters the house. I look over to Zayn, watery paint dripping from his hair. He looks at me and reaches his hand over. He wipes some paint off of my cheek, but his hand lingers their a little too long. My eyes meet his and he leans in. Before I know what I'm doing, Zayn's lips are on mine. After a second, my brain registers what's going on. I quickly push Zayn away and stand up. 

"I'm sorry..I'm.." Zayn stammers and I don't dare look at his face. Why did he do that? He know's Niall and I are together!I turn around and walk away, until I'm around the side of the house, out of Zayn's view. I lean against the wall and cover my face. What just happened?!? Zayn freakin kissed me!! 

I hear some voices and peek around the corner to see Harry yelling at Zayn.

"What the heck mate?!? What was that about?!?" Harry looks at Zayn angrily.

"I don't know! I started to like her a while ago, and then we had so much fun and I just forgot she's Niall's!!" Zayn looks down at his shoes.

"You forgot?!? How could you forget the one person who makes Niall happier than when he eats Nando's? He doesn't stop talking about her! How could you forget?" Harry asks Zayn, and my heart warms at the last part. 

"I'm sorry...I just..." Zayn's voice cracks and he looks really sad.

"Don't apologize to me. Apologize to Trea. And you're going to have to tell Niall." Harry's voice softens and he puts a hand on Zayn's shoulder. His eyes shoot up and he looks at Harry on the last part about Niall.

"I can't...He'll never forgive me..." Zayn says

"I'm sure he'll understand when you tell him the real reason why you did it" Harry tell Zayn "I know you miss Perrie"

Harry walks away and leaves Zayn standing alone. I turn and head around to the front of the house. When I come around the corner Niall, Louis, and Liam are just getting out of another limo. All smiles and laughter in their voices. Niall catches sight of me and runs over.

"Looks like you had lots of fun Princess" He picks up a piece of wet hair and moves it out of my face. He brings his lips to mine and gives me a short sweet kiss. I wonder if he can taste that someone else lips have been on mine? I push those thoughts away and try a smile instead.

*If you guys have requests of cute things that Trea and Niall could do, I am very open to suggestions:) Hope you like it and thanks for reading*


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