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He met her on a rainy night after his Tour Bus broke down. She knew who he was, and wasn't sure she wanted to take a trip into his world. He wanted a taste of her life, so when he takes a break from the fame to spend time with her, she opens up his eyes to her way of life. A completed Niall Horan story.


8. Meet the boys

Niall thought it was finally time for me to meet the rest of the boys, so he's picking my up and taking me to the hotel their staying at later today. Niall said it was causal, but I still want to make an effort on looking good. I have given what he said at the lake a couple days ago a lot of thought. I knew I liked him, and now I know he likes me. I'm just not sure I want to be apart of all the fame and hate that would come along with being with Niall. But oh how I really like him. 

I just finished showering and I'm in the process of curling my hair. I've be at it for half an hour now, and it's looking really pretty. When I finish, I put a clip in my hair with a red strawberry pendant on it. I pull on some white shorts and mint green long sleeve airy sweater. I put in some silver metallic studs and silver flats. I curl my long eyelashes and cover them with mascara. It's cool cause when I look up, my eyelashes touch my skin. Thankfully I have clear skin today, so I just put on a bit of powder and some blush. I look at myself in my full length mirror and smile. Perfect.

The doorbell rings and I walk downstairs and open the front door. I look at Niall. He's wearing some aqua blue skinny jeans, white high tops, and a white t-shirt. His blond hair is in a perfect quiff. 

"Wow. You look beautiful." His eyes scan me and he smiles, offering his hand. I take it and he leads me to his car, opens the passengers seat door, and helps me in. When we pull up to the fancy hotel in the downtown area, my palms start to get sweaty and I rub them on my shorts.

"Don't worry. Just be yourself and they will love you." He pats my hand and we get out of the car. The elevator ride up is pretty silent, and when we get to the top floor, Niall leads me down the hallway and to a set of double doors. He takes out his key card and swipes it. The door unlocks and we walk in. I gasp. It's huge and elegantly decorated. Minus the clothing all over the floor and cereal bowls here and there.

"Boys! Come meet Trea!" Niall yells to the house and right away we hear footsteps and doors opening. A tall, shaved head and kind looking boy walks in first. Then a tanner boy with a blond streak in his hair walks in.

"This is Liam and Zayn" Niall points at the two boys. Next walks in Harry, who I already met, with a brown haired boy wearing stripes. 

"That's Harry and Louis" Niall finishes. The boys all say hello and Louis comes waltzing up to me, throws his arm around my shoulder and kisses my cheek.

"Nice to meet you love!" He exclaims and smiles. I shoot a glance at Niall and he pulls me away from Louis. 

"Don't mind Louis. He's a bit out there" Liam looks at Louis and Louis put his hands up in an mock innocent way. I laugh a bit and Zayn comes closer to me.

"So you're the girl who's been stealing Niall away from us" Zayn tries to look sad, but Niall sticks his elbow into Zayn's rib cage and he just laughs while Niall blushes. 

"We're ordering pizza, right?" Harry asking anyone who's listening while picking up the phone.

"Yeah we are!" Louis shouts and skips around the room.

Harry orders pizza and Liam gets out napkins and plates, setting them on the big dining room table. I stand next to Niall. When the pizza comes, I see that Harry ordered 11 boxes of pizza.

"Why'd you order so much?" I ask him

"We all eat quite a bit love" He flips open the first pizza box and it's like a swarm of boys grabbing at the pizza. When they finally clear away, I grab the last piece in the box and shove it in my mouth. Louis starts to laugh and throw little chunks of pizza at Niall. He tries to catch them in his mouth, and surprisingly he does. As time goes by, all the pizza was devoured except two last pieces. Zayn reaches for one, and I reach for the other at the same time Niall does. We both look at each other and I quickly grab the last one. There's a round of 'oohhh's' from the boys and I smile evilly at Niall. Keeping eye contact with him, I slowly take a bite, pretending it's way better than it actually is. I hear a small "You better run Trea" come from Harry.

That's when Niall jumps up and chases me. I run as fast as I can, laughing hysterically. I try to turn a corner but I slide and hit the wall. I fall to the ground and laugh even harder.  Niall pins me down and reaches for the pizza, but I quickly roll away and start running again. Niall comes up from behind, laughing almost as much as me and sweeps me up bridal style.

"You'd better put me down Horan" I tell him

"Or what?" He replies, wriggling his eyebrows at me.

"Or I'll eat the pizza" 

"Go ahead" He shrugs and puts me down, then he flops onto the couch out of breath.

"He must really like her to let her eat the last piece that easy" I hear Liam whispers to Louis.


*again, sorry if that was too long. I wanted it all to be in one chapter rather than in two. Thanks for reading:)*


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