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He met her on a rainy night after his Tour Bus broke down. She knew who he was, and wasn't sure she wanted to take a trip into his world. He wanted a taste of her life, so when he takes a break from the fame to spend time with her, she opens up his eyes to her way of life. A completed Niall Horan story.


3. Gracie's tooth

I spent the last hour looking at One Direction fan pages, listening to their music, and looking at pictures of them. I knew about them before, but I was never really that into them. I thought they were very good-looking guys, and their music wasn't half bad either. 

"Come down for dinner sweetheart" I hear a deep voice call. Dads home. 

"Coming!" I yell back 

I rush down the stairs and jump into the kitchen. My dad is giving my mom a hug and because she cant see him, he dips a finger into the pasta sauce and pops it into his mouth. He looks at me and smiles. I smile back mouthing the words 'I saw that' at him and he chuckles.

"Where's Gracie?" I ask "It's her favorite pasta"

"She's at a friends house for dinner. They had to do a project together and it ran a bit late, so they just kept her for dinner. I'm going to pick her up in about an hour, so I have to eat fast" My mum declares

Gracie is my little sister, she's almost 11. There's four years between us, and some days it might as well be forty years. My birthday was coming up too, and my parents kept asking what I wanted, since it was my sweet 16. Truth is, I have everything. There is a few odds and ends that would be nice to have, but nothing really major. 

"How was your day Trea?" My dad asks, interrupting my thoughts.

"Oh it was average" I sigh "But I finished my huge book report, so that's good"

"Didn't you just get assigned that a couple days ago?" My mother asks, clearly surprised. I don't know why she always get so surprised over these things any more. It's not like its out of the norm for me.

"Yeah, but I finished the book and I knew exactly what I was going to do on it" I reply trying to dim down her surprise.

"Well good for you Trea. I'm sure the teacher will be very pleased with an early submission from you" My mum says

I roll my eyes trying to make sure she doesn't see.

As we finish up dinner, my mom rushes out of the door and into out BMW to pick up Gracie from her friends. My dad goes to take a little power nap before his board meeting at his office. I am left alone to do whatever I want. I decide on watching some T.V before Gracie and mom come home, but just as I sit down I hear the door open and someone run into the kitchen.

"Trea? Trreeeeaaaaa!!" A sing-songy voice yells

"I'm in the living room Gracie!" I yell back, smiling big

She comes jogging into the room, wearing her pink jeans, black sparkly Uggs, A white frilly top, and a huge blue bow in her hair.

"I lost my last tooth at Katie's house! Look how bloody it is!" She says shoving the tooth into my face.

"I see!" I say, pushing her back slightly while laughing.

"Mom says I need to have a bath before bed. See ya!" And with that, she skips out of the room. 

I check my phone. 8:00 pm. I didn't realize how late it was! I had better get moving if I want to go for a walk before it gets too late.


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