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He met her on a rainy night after his Tour Bus broke down. She knew who he was, and wasn't sure she wanted to take a trip into his world. He wanted a taste of her life, so when he takes a break from the fame to spend time with her, she opens up his eyes to her way of life. A completed Niall Horan story.


2. Fire

I watch the fire for a bit until I feel cool drops of water on my head. I turn and walk back to my house, covering my camera with my hoodie as I go. I reach the side gate and go in through the back door. 

"Trea? is that you?" I hear my mom call

"Yeah mom, it's me. Did you see that fire down the street?" I ask her as I walk into the kitchen

The smell of pasta hits my nose and I close my eyes to breath in the scent. 

"Yeah I did. Turn on the T.V and see if there doing a news cast on it" She tells me while stirring the sauce. 

I grab the remote and turn on our flat screen T.V. I flick through a couple channels till I see an aerial view of the smoking tour bus.

"...Seems as if most of the damage was as the back of the bus. The driver told us that the fire was caused by a portable microwave over-heating and catching fire. No one was injured but the occupants of the bus, a boy band from England called One Direction, announced just earlier today that they will have to cancel some of their tour. One of the members, Liam Payne, said that and I quote 'It's quite unfortunate that this has happened. The last thing we wanted to do was cancel our tour and disappoint out fans, but seeing as we need a new bus and wardrobe, we have to call it quits for a while.' We talked to the manager and he said that 'We will only be cancelling a month of shows, most of August and half of September  After those months, the rest of the tour is still on' So it looks like this is just a bump in the road for teen heart-throbs One Direction. Jason Berch, back to you in the studio..."

My mouth was hanging open. One Direction? The biggest boy band in the world is down the street from my house? 

"Well that's too bad for all those crazy girls who wont get to see their idols preform" My mother commented

"Yeah, too bad for them" I agree, not really meaning it

I walk upstairs to my room and shut the door behind me. Flipping open my computer, I do a quick search on One Direction. Wow, there's a lot of news on them...



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