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He met her on a rainy night after his Tour Bus broke down. She knew who he was, and wasn't sure she wanted to take a trip into his world. He wanted a taste of her life, so when he takes a break from the fame to spend time with her, she opens up his eyes to her way of life. A completed Niall Horan story.


20. Disney birthday

Megan is standing in front of her apartment building's lobby doors and she looks up at the sound of car doors slamming. Her shoulder length black hair and piercing blue eyes are what make her beautiful and scary at the same time. She's really nice, but if you get on her bad side you're in trouble. She smiles and walks over to me, giving me a hug.

"Hey Trea. Haven't seen you since when I came for Christmas last year! Hows it going?" Megan's taller than me so I have to look up a bit to meet her eyes.

"It's been really good. Nothing's changed though..." I reply. Niall comes up next to me with my luggage and sets it down. He sticks out his hand towards Megan for a handshake.

"Megs, this is my boyfriend Niall. And that's Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Louis" I say pointing to the rest of the boys behind me.

"I know who they are." She smiles and eyes Louis. Then she turns around and Niall and I follow her up to her apartment while the rest of the boys wait by the limo. We climb the stairs to her place, and she opens the door for us to enter. Niall walks in first with my luggage, then me, then Megan. It's cute little place and modernly decorated. 

"You can take your stuff into the second bedroom on the left, bathroom in right across the hallway from it" Megan goes the the fridge and pulls out some pop for us to drink. I make my way to the bedroom and Niall is setting my suitcase onto the little bed. I unzip it and star pulling important stuff out. I turn around and face Niall.

"You're gonna have to leave, I need to chance out of my jeans and sweater" He flashes his braces and closes the door behind him. I pull off my clothing and change into blue tie-dye high wasted shorts. I tuck a pink tee-shirt with little red polka-dots on it into my shorts. I tie the laces on my sneakers and head over to the mirror in my temporary bedroom. I shake my hair out of the braids it was in and puff it up a bit. My crimped hair looks just messy enough that it's perfect. I shove on some colourful leather bracelets and put some silver studs in my ears. I check to make sure I have my phone and lip chap before I leave the room. When I come out, Megan and Niall are talking about something. 

"Wow Trea. You look really pretty" Megan says to me, and Niall nods with a stupid smile on his face. I grab his hand.

"We should go" He turns to Megan "We'll be back later tonight" and with that, we travel downstairs and get back into the limo.

"Can you please tell me where we're going now?" I poke Niall's cheek and give him my pouty lip.

"No, or it'll ruin the surprise!" Niall pokes me back. I look around and see all the boys have smiles on their faces. 

"Everyone knows but me?" The boys nod and Louis laughs. After half an hour of driving and nobody telling me where we're going, we pull into a huge parking lot filled with cars. I can see a castle in the distance. We get out of the car and it finally hits me. We're at Disney Land! I grab Niall by the shoulders and press my lips to his.

"Are you serious?!? Disney Land!!! I've always wanted to come here!!!" I'm jumping around like a little kid yelling 'thank you's' to Niall and everybody else. We make our way to the gate and the lady at the window gives us special passes on necklaces.

"What are these for?" I ask whoever

"Front of the line passes. Only for celebrities and their friends" Liam tells me and he looks just about as excited as I am. I look over my shoulder and I see Zayn watching me. I give him a smile and Niall's hand finds mine. We run into the park and head towards Toon Town. On the way, we take picture with all the Disney characters and people dressed up. After Toon Town, we head over to a little sweet shop and Niall buys me a big bag of assorted candies and cotton candy. We sit on a bench and eat the blue cotton candy. Music blares around the park, and little kids run around with big smiles on their faces. I open a package of pop rocks and both Niall and I dump them in our mouths. Then we kiss. It's funny, cause it's like little explosions in your mouth while you have big explosions going on in your stomach from kissing the boy you like.

We bump into the rest of the boys and we all decide to go on the rides together. After a few brain rattling rides, We see that someone is putting on a show and a huge crowd is watching. People bump into me and my fingers slip out of Niall's hand. I look around but all I see are strangers. I pull my way deeper into the crowd looking for Niall, or any of the boys. I spot some familiar dark hair with a blond streak and I head towards him. Zayn's head turns around when I call his name and his eyes light up. When I reach him, I hold onto his arm and his other one snakes around my body pulling me out of the crowd. We make our way to our of the mass of people and sit down by a tree.

"This isn't good. Niall doesn't like this sort of thing" Zayn says as his eyes scan the crowd. I look up at the tree above us.

"Give me a boost and I'll climb the tree. Then I will be able to see everyone." I stand up and touch the tree

"What if you hurt yourself?" Zayn looks concerned. I wonder why...

"Just give me a leg up and If I fall, it's your job to catch me" Zayn puts his hands together and I step into them. I grab hold of a thick branch and pull myself up into the tree. From there, I climb higher until I'm at the top. I scan the crowd and look for Niall.

"I don't see them!" I call down to Zayn, who looks nervous and worried. He yells something back up but I can't hear what he's saying.

"What did you-" The branch I was holding onto snaps and I fall, but only a few feet. I get my footing right before I study the bark and see red liquid on it. I look down and my knee is bleeding. Great. 

"Oh my gosh! Trea are you ok?!?" I peer down at Zayn and smile. I give him a thumbs up and start to laugh. 

"Just a little scrape, that's all! Can you help me down?" Zayn nods and reaches his arms up ready to steady me if I wobble or fall again. When I carefully climb my way closer to the ground, I feel Zayn's strong arms wrap around my waits and lower me to the ground. I brush myself off and smile at him. He doesn't return it and instead looks down at my knee. He kneels down and wipes the blood away with his shirt sleeve. A strong wind tangles my hair and I move it out of my face. I wonder where Niall is...What if he's hurt or scared? I look down and see that the bleeding has stopped and Zayn stands up.

"Thanks Zayn"

"What if you got hurt? What if..." He trails off just as Niall, Liam, Harry and Louis come jogging over to us. My face lights up and I run over to Niall and give him a big hug. 

"How are you? Where were you?" I ask him, brushing my fingers through his hair. His breathing is heavy and he looks nervous.

"I got the crowd and Liam found me, but we couldn't find you. I was so worried" He tells me and I pull away from his hug just enough so I can see his face. 

"You were worried me? I was worried about you!" I snuggle my head into his neck. "Where to next?"

"How about lunch? I'm starving!" Niall says and kisses my neck before pulling me towards a little restaurant. We all eat and laugh and I'm having a great time, but I can always feel Zayn's eyes on me and when I meet them, his flick away. It starts to get dark and Niall takes me to the Ferris wheel. When we reach the very top, we stop and the fireworks start. Huge beautiful explosions light up the night sky. All the colours of the rainbow mixing together. I absolutely love the sound of them popping and fizzing out. Niall takes my face in his hands and I can see the reflection of fireworks in his eyes. Our lips meet and one of his hands moves from my cheek to cradle the back of my neck. I can taste the cotton candy and popcorn on his lips and he smells like summer. He pulls away suddenly and points to the sky. "Look" He says.

When I look up, a firework goes off and spells out 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY TREA!' In white letters that pop in the dark. A huge smile creeps onto my face and I watch as the letters slowly fade out. Then I turn to Niall and kiss him hard. He returns it with the same force and we stay like that, kissing passionately with fireworks going off in the back. We make our slow decent to the ground and when we walk off the platform and onto the pavement, my head feels dizzy with love. Niall's arm warms my waist and we walk out of the Disney park towards the limo, but before we leave he buys me Mickey mouse ears and I put them on my head. They even have my name on the back



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