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He met her on a rainy night after his Tour Bus broke down. She knew who he was, and wasn't sure she wanted to take a trip into his world. He wanted a taste of her life, so when he takes a break from the fame to spend time with her, she opens up his eyes to her way of life. A completed Niall Horan story.


6. Bite their heads off first

*Just so you guys know, this is my first fan fiction on this site. I would seriously appreciate it if you left some comments about the story. Sorry about the super long last chapter. I had a lot of ideas all come at me at once and I didn't want to lose them. Thanks for reading:)*


"Show me" keeps echoing in my head. Show him? Does he really want too see my world? I'm more than happy to give him a break, but I don't want it to just be that. After they fix his bus, I don't want him to just jump back on it without a care about me. I try to push all the thoughts from my head about that. I'll cross that bridge when I get there. 

Niall and I are sitting outside, me with my camera, and him with some huge funny sunglasses we bought at the dollar store. 

"Do a crazy face." I tell him, bringing the camera up to my face. Niall sticks out his tongue a does the peace sign with both his hands, sticking them in the air. Laughing I snap a picture. He changes his pose and I snap another one. We continue this for half an hour before it starts to cloud over and all the natural sun light is gone.

We run inside and I go over to the pantry and grab a huge bag of gummy worms and gummy bears. I open up the fridge and grab us some coke. 

"Come on Niall!" I smile at him and walk up the stairs to my room. I swing open the door and set down the drinks and candy on the end of my bed. When I look up, Niall is looking at all the Christmas lights and pictures on my wall.

"You room is so cool" He says as he sits down on my bed and opens up the gummy bag. 

"Yeah well, It's me" I plop down next to him and steal the bag. I shove some gummy worms into my mouth, some hanging out. It gets really quiet when I suddenly realize what I must look like. My eyes get wide, but Niall just picks up my camera and takes a picture. I burst out laughing and he joins in with me.

"No!" I yell as he puts a gummy bear into his mouth. He looks at me, shocked.


"You have to bite their heads off first! To put them out of their misery!" 

"Oh. I'm sorry." He takes another one and bites the head off first. "Better?"

"Much" I flop back, laying on the bed my feet dangling off the edge.

I can hear him chuckling to himself and I smile and laugh a bit too.


*Sorry this one is so short. I didn't have a ton of time but I wanted to upload one*



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