I Miss You.

Ever since management told Harry to start dating Taylor Swift, Louis and Harry's relationship has gone south. People have been seeing Louis looking very upset while with his girlfriend, Eleanor. What's happening behind the scenes are just things they can't tell people. They're a secret. If they are told, their careers may be over. But it's hard for the two. They miss the way they used to be. Best mates, maybe lovers. It's different now. Very different.


2. What About Fridays With Louis? (Ch.1)

-Months Before That Incident- 

"Harry!" Louis shouted across the hallways, looking for his best friend. "You can't hide forever!" He turned the corner and heard the noise of giggling from the closet. His lips curved into a smile as he crept towards it. He quickly slid the doors open and laughed. "Found you!"

Harry pouted at his best friend and jumped down from the closet. "Not fair. You made me laugh."

Louis laughed at him and ruffled his hair. "I didn't do that, Harold." 

Harry kept pouting at him. He hated being found in a game of hide-n-seek. He loved being the last one to be found. But in this case, he wouldn't of been the last one. It was just him and Louis. He opened his arms, still pouting. "I'm tired. Take me to bed?"

"Sure," Louis smiled before picking up Harry. Harry's arms instantly wrapped around Louis' neck so he was sure he wouldn't fall down. His grip was tight. He wasn't quite sure if he can trust his older best friend. He knows how he is. He'll drop him and laugh at him like it was a joke. But to Harry, it wasn't. He loved Louis and he hated when he was mean to him. 

Louis carefully put Harry down on his bed and kissed his forehead. "I'm going to go out tonight, alright?"

Harry looked confused. He always spent Friday nights with Louis. "W-Where are you going?"

"Date with Eleanor," he told the curly haired boy staring at him with lots of confusion in his eyes. Then, he saw them turn into hurt. Louis knew Harry hated when he went out with Eleanor, but he had to. "I'm sorry, ba-"

"No. It's fine. Go. Have fun," Harry said before turning to his left side so he's not facing Louis. He was hurt and he didn't want to see his face right now. 

Louis sighed, feeling guilty for making Harry upset. "Okay," he whispered. He leaned in and kissed Harry's curls before walking to the door. He turned around to look at Harry and saw his back turned to him, his chest rising and falling quickly, and heard the sound of muffled sobs. He wanted to help, but he couldn't. If he missed the date, both Eleanor and management would be mad at him. "I'm sorry, Haz," he muttered before leaving the room. 

When Harry knew Louis had left, he let the sobs pour out of his mouth. He missed Fridays with Louis. The way they made popcorn and watched chick flicks. It was their thing. But then management took over. They made Louis start dating Eleanor Calder. She was the daughter of one of the people in their management. They thought she would be perfect for Louis. 

Harry remembered the day they first met Eleanor. The guy from management brought her in and she began screaming loudly. All of the boys covered their ears but laughed awkwardly to make it seem like they didn't care. He told them she was a fan and that he would like her to date Louis. Louis didn't want to accept but he knew he had to because of the whole "Larry Stylinson" stuff.

It broke Harry's heart. The one that he loves is being taken away from him. He hated it so much. But he can't do anything about it.


"Hey!" Eleanor cheered when she saw Louis walk through the doors of the restaurant. Louis put on a fake smile like he always does and walked up to her. She wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tightly. Louis laughed awkwardly and hugged back softly but trying to look like it was a real hug.

"I missed you," Eleanor whispered in his ear. He shivered slightly when her breath hit his neck. 

"I missed you too," he whispered back. She finally let go of him, making him sigh in relief. Paparazzi finally showed up and Eleanor put on a smile for them. 

"Well, let's sit, shall we?" she said before taking a seat at the table. Louis sat across from her, still having that fake smile on his face. 

Eleanor was looking at him as if he were an angel and it creeped Louis out slightly but he just smiled at her to cover it up for the paparazzi. All of a sudden, Louis' phone buzzed. He groaned and pulled it out.

'I need you. please come over now. -H xx'

He looked at the text with confusion but he sighed and looked up at Eleanor. "Think we can skip this date? My friend needs me."

"Skip a date?" Eleanor asked, cringing at Louis. "We can't do that. You have to have this date with me!"

Louis rolled his eyes. "What if he's in trouble? I need to help him, El!"

The paparazzi was going crazy. Bet the next day they'll have on every newspaper, magazine, and gossip show, "Eleanor and Louis fighting on date."

"So what? Aren't I important too?"

"No, you're not, Eleanor. You're just a beard and you know that. It's just to cover up everything else. You're not important," Louis said before standing up, making his chair squeak when it moves across the hardwood floor. He stormed out of the restaurant seeing all of the flashing lights in his face. "Louis!" all of them were shouting at him. "What's going on with you and Eleanor?" Louis shook his head and climbed inside his car. 

A few minutes later, he got back to his and Harry's flat. He quickly got out of the car and ran to the front door. He opened the door and shut it as he got in. "Harry, where are you?"

"Still in my room," he heard Harry yell back, his voice cracking. Louis sighed and ran upstairs. When he got to Harry's room, he saw Harry sprawled out on his bed. Harry looked at him, his eyes red and watery. 

"Oh, Harry," Louis whispered before quickly heading to him. He sat down next to him.

Harry sat up and wrapped his arms around Louis. "I miss us."

"I do too, Harry," Louis whispered before kissing his head. "Believe me. But we have to do this and you know that."

"I k-know," Harry stuttered out, sobbing quietly. He buried his face into Louis chest. 

Louis felt the tears hit his chest and his breath got hitched in his throat. Seeing Harry upset is his weakness. He hated it. "But I love you, Harry. Remember that."

"I love you too, Lou."


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