I Miss You.

Ever since management told Harry to start dating Taylor Swift, Louis and Harry's relationship has gone south. People have been seeing Louis looking very upset while with his girlfriend, Eleanor. What's happening behind the scenes are just things they can't tell people. They're a secret. If they are told, their careers may be over. But it's hard for the two. They miss the way they used to be. Best mates, maybe lovers. It's different now. Very different.


1. Prologue

Harry tangled his fingers in Louis' hair, making him smile. The two were sprawled out on the sofa, arms wrapped around each other's waists, and a blanket covered them. It was the perfect moment. It was raining outside, thunder erupting once in a while. Every time the loud noise came, Louis snuggled into Harry's chest for safety. Each time he did, he felt Harry's chest vibrate as he laughed at his way of hiding from the noise. Whenever he looked up at him, Harry told him he was fine and that nothing could ever hurt him if he was there. Louis believed him. 

All of a sudden, the door bursted open, making Louis jump at the noise and hide his face in Harry's chest. Harry looked up to see what had happened and saw a soaking wet Taylor at the door, sobbing quietly. His face has turned into a confused expression, seeing his so called "girlfriend" crying in front of him, soaked with rain water.

"What are you doing here, Taylor?" he asked her, sounding quite concerned. Louis was confused at how he sounded concerned. He knew Harry was just dating her so people would think he's straight and that he actually hates Taylor, so why was he so concerned about her. 

"You told me you'd come over to help," she muttered before slamming the door behind her. "Why did you lie?"

Louis chuckled silently. He had to admit; Taylor was pretty crazy. She obsesses over every guy she dates. If they don't show up in time, she yells at them and tells them they were lying about it. He felt sorry for Harry, who had to deal with a psycho like her.

"I was going to after the storm left," Harry explained, watching Taylor make her way up to the two. Louis was still hiding his face in Harry's chest and right as he looked up, Taylor's face was in his. He jumped slightly at seeing her so close. Her wet hair kept dripping water into his face, making him wipe his face every few seconds. 

"What are you doing under the blanket with him?" she snapped at him. "You know you guys can't hang out anymore."

"Only in public," Louis reminded her. This made her mad. She hates it when someone corrects her.

She backed up slightly and put her hands in the air. She took a deep breath before speaking. "Guys. This whole thing won't work if you keep acting like a couple. You'll miss doing that while in public and accidentally do something stupid, like kiss in front of people. You don't want to lose your jobs, right?"

This was the first time Taylor was right. It made sense to them. They both shook their heads and frowned. They just know that they can't stop acting like the people they are with each other. 

"What happened to the old us?" Louis asked Harry. Harry looked at him weirdly. "You know.. Larry Stylinson. Where everyone knew we had something but we just couldn't tell. When people accepted us. I miss that us."

"I miss that us, too. Trust me," Harry said quietly, feeling the tears sting his eyes. 

It hurt them to know they can't love each other. It hurts them that they can't have the relationship they want. 

But they're a secret. No one can know about they're secret relationship that they want to tell the whole world about. They can't tell people that they love each other a lot. That's hard to do.

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