I Miss You.

Ever since management told Harry to start dating Taylor Swift, Louis and Harry's relationship has gone south. People have been seeing Louis looking very upset while with his girlfriend, Eleanor. What's happening behind the scenes are just things they can't tell people. They're a secret. If they are told, their careers may be over. But it's hard for the two. They miss the way they used to be. Best mates, maybe lovers. It's different now. Very different.


4. I'm Sorry. (Ch.3)

(Hey! I haven't made any updates lately to any of my fanfictions. I'm very sorry. But, I'm back and ready to get on with it. Hope you enjoy. c: Oh, and warning: There is slight smut in this. You have been warned.)


Harry's eyes were glued to the television. He's been avoiding Louis all day. Louis' been locked up in his room, every now and then you can hear his little sobs come through the door. Harry tried his best not to get up and knock on his door to see if he's okay. He knows that if he tries to speak to him, he'll fail, either getting hit in the face with the door or get yelled at. 

All of a sudden, Louis' door opens. Harry's eyes quickly look over at it. A small, red eyed Louis stands behind the open door. His lips quiver and they keep opening and closing as if he's trying to let go a few words but they won't come out. 

Harry gets up from the couch and rushes to Louis. He wraps his arms around him and kisses his forehead. "Listen this time, okay?" Harry tells him softly. Louis nods for him to continue. "Management set me up with her. They thought that me being single to the public eye would be too obvious. They got Taylor to go on that one stupid date with me. I have no feelings for her whatsoever, I promise."

​Louis' quiet for a while but he nods, understanding everything. Management felt that way with Louis years go and that's when Eleanor came into the picture. "I'm sorry," he says softly, voice cracking slightly. 

​Harry shook his head. "No. Don't be," he says quietly. "I should be saying that, not you." They stayed like that for a while. Harry holding his boyfriend close in the hallway quietly. The only sound heard was Louis sniffling softly and the bustle of the street below them. 


Ring ring!

Louis groans softly as he stretches out his hand lazily to grab his phone. He answers the phone and places it on his ear. "It's really fucking early but hello?" he says sleepily. 

"Grumpy in the morning, I see?" Liam's voice goes through the phone, a chuckle coming afterwards. 

"Shut up," Louis groans, rubbing his eyes after. "What do you want?"

"Hurry up and head to the gig," Liam says softly into the phone. "We're waiting for you and Harry. We need to rehearse, Louis!"

Louis groans again and nods. "Fine, I'll wake Harry up. See you there," he says before hanging up. He looks around and sees a sleeping Harry next to him. He smiles because he's just so fucking adorable. He shakes Harry around. "Get up, sleepy head!"

Harry groans and covers his face with his hands. "Go away, you butt-head, I'm tired."

Louis chuckles and just keeps shaking him. "We need to get ready, you butt-head," he says in Harry's voice, mocking him. He gets up from the bed and stretches, laughing slightly. He hears the bed move and before he can look behind him, Harry's got him pinned up against the wall. 

"Making fun of me, huh?" Harry asks, a smirk on his lips. He chuckles as he sees Louis struggling to get out of his grip.

"Get off, you idiot, we have to get ready," Louis tells him, looking up at his curly-haired boyfriend. His hair is messy and everywhere and his eyes look tired, but filled with - lust? Harry slowly grinds his hips against Louis' and smirks as he sees Louis close his eyes in pleasure. Louis lets out a small whine and groan almost at the same time. "H-Harry," he says, trying to protest but it's hard for him. 

"What's that? I can't hear you," Harry asks, smirking down at the smaller boy. The sun hasn't yet set, so it's a pretty dark room at the moment, making it hard for Louis to see a way to get out of this; not that he wants to.

"F-Fuck," Louis whines as Harry picks up the speed of the grinding. He opens his eyes and sees only Harry's face staring down at him, a smirk slowly growing on his face. He finally gives in. "Fuck me," he pleads, moaning quietly.

"My pleasure," Harry says softly before picking up Louis from his bum and walking towards the bed. 


"What took you two so damn long?" Niall asks them. "We had to do a few songs without you because you were so late."

"Sorry," Louis says softly, taking a small glance at Harry before looking back at Niall. He fakes a smile, hoping Niall understands.

Niall nods and slowly walks away to the rest of the boys. Harry and Louis both look at each other, sigh, and walk up to the boys. Louis has a slight limp going on because of well, Harry, so he looks ridiculous. 

The boys look at them, looking more at Louis than Harry. "I fucking told you!" Niall yells at the rest of the boys. Liam groans and hands him a twenty dollar bill. Louis looks at them, confused. 

"What's going on here?" he asks them. 

Liam looks at him. "We had a bet on why you two were late. I said because you slept in and Niall said because you fucked. That limp of yours gave it away so he won."

Harry looks at Louis and smirks, realizing that he did have a limp and being slightly proud of himself for being the reason for it. Louis' cheeks go red and he looks down. "Oh," he says softly. 

"Okay! Boys, back on stage please!" one of the staff yells out. 

​The rest of the boys quickly head over to the stage. Louis tries to walk off, but Harry pulls him back. "Did I hurt you?" he whispers in his ear, sounding concerned now.

Louis shakes his head. "No," he simply says. 

Harry smiles. "Good," he mumbles, kissing his cheek. They both quickly head up to the stage. 


(Sorry if this is short and/or stupid. I just got inspiration to write without knowing what I was going to write so I basically thought along the way of writing. Hopefully it was good enough. Goodbye. xx)










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