I Miss You.

Ever since management told Harry to start dating Taylor Swift, Louis and Harry's relationship has gone south. People have been seeing Louis looking very upset while with his girlfriend, Eleanor. What's happening behind the scenes are just things they can't tell people. They're a secret. If they are told, their careers may be over. But it's hard for the two. They miss the way they used to be. Best mates, maybe lovers. It's different now. Very different.


3. Haylor? (Ch.2)

"Harry, come here!" a man from management screams from another room. Harry sighs, knowing what's going to happen. He's been told that he needs to get a girl with him too just so they could cover it up more. He wasn't told who the girl was going to be, but he was told that it was another celebrity, which made him slightly upset.

He walked into the room and saw a blonde-haired girl turned around, looking outside of the window. "Harry," the man muttered before motioning his hand to the girl. "This is Taylor."

Taylor turned around and smiled at Harry with her really red lips. Harry put on a fake smile and waved at her. "Hi."

She walked over to him slowly, her short skirt flowing around slightly. Her high heels made a loud clomp whenever she takes a step on the hard-wood floor. She sits right next to him and puts her hand on his. Harry grimaced and turned to the man. "Why is she here?" he asked a bit coldly, making Taylor grab onto his hand tightly.

"Harry, you and Taylor have to go out," he told him, sighing quietly after seeing Harry's upset reaction. "I'm sorry, Harry, but we have to make you guys da-"

"No! I'm not going out with Taylor. I can't date someone that I don't love," he told the man. He tried to get up but Taylor's grip tightened, making him groan in pain and sit back down so she would let go.

"You have to," Taylor hissed at him. "You have to go out with me."

Harry rolled his eyes at her which made her tighten her grip again. "Stop it," he groaned. "It hurts."

"Then agree," she hissed  still having the tight grip on his wrist. Harry nodded his head quickly. Taylor smiled and let go of him. "Thank you."

"Well," the man said awkwardly. "You and Taylor will have your first date tomorrow. We'll tell the media about it so they will know where you are to snap the pictures. Make sure you both are smiling and having fun. If Harry does anything, Taylor, just try to calm him down. If that doesn't work, just ignore him."

Taylor nodded and looked at Harry. "You better be good," she hissed at him. 

Harry was pretty shocked at how bitchy she was. She always looked like a girly-girl that always did the right thing, but now that he's met her, he knows the real, bitchy her. She's demanding, always wanting everything to be perfect. He met the real Taylor no one knows about.


After the stupid date, Harry understood why all of her exes hated her. She was seriously demanding. Whenever she wanted something, she didn't stop asking him in a rude way until she got it. He hated that management hooked him up with a control freak. 

He got back home and saw Louis sitting at the dining room table with a laptop in front of him. "Hey, Lou."

Louis didn't respond, he just kept scrolling down a page he was looking at. Harry rushed over to him and looked at the screen. 

"Haylor date! Harry & Taylor finally get together at the park."

Louis looked at Harry with sad eyes. "What are you doing with her?"

"Look, I can explain, ma-"

"Don't try to fucking explain, Harry," he stood up from his seat. "You told me you love me and then a few days later you're out with Taylor?" Harry tried to reach for Louis' arm, but Louis backed away quickly. "No. Stop it. I'm going upstairs," Louis told him before running upstairs. 

Was this all of managements idea? To ruin their relationship in the process? How sick, Harry thought. He quickly ran upstairs and banged on Louis' door. "Open up!" 

"No, get away!"

Harry's heart broke. Louis usually never yelled at him. It was usually over something stupid, but this time it's serious. 

He might lose the one he actually loves. 


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