Is it meant to be?

It's about a boy named Niall from a boy band named One Direction. He meets a girl named Rosie. She is not the kind of girl Niall usually becomes friends with. But, will sparks fly anyway?


1. please live

*chapter one*

please live

               Niall was driving down the road listening to his favorite band, Coldplay when he noticed something odd. He pulled over rolled down his window and looked out.He saw a girl laying in the road. He quickly told all of the cars to stop. They all stopped with a sudden EEERRRKKKKKK! He ran over to the girl and felt her heart to see if she was dead. The was no heart beat and no pulse. He carefully picked her up and drove her away to a hospital.

            When they got there the ambulance took her away in to a room they were doing everything they could. Then the doctor cam out and asked Niall what had happened.

*Niall's POV*

 Well, I was just driving listening to my favorite band when i noticed something odd looking in the road. I pulled over and looked out my window, I noticed it was a girl. So then I got out of my car and checked for a heart beat and a pulse. There wasn't one, so i put her in my car and drove away as fast as i could! Well thank you for your help we really appreciated your help. " You did a good thing son." said the doctor. Well is she alive or is she...... dead?   " She is........


*authors note*

You will have to wait till next chapter to see well read if she is alive or dead!


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