Is it meant to be?

It's about a boy named Niall from a boy band named One Direction. He meets a girl named Rosie. She is not the kind of girl Niall usually becomes friends with. But, will sparks fly anyway?


2. Meeting her


*chapter two*

Meeting her

*Niall's POV*

                   "She is......... alive" said the doctor. a sigh of relief cam from Niall's mouth. Oh thank god she is ok! " Yes she is very lucky yo be alive". said the doctor. May I see her? "Yes". said the doctor.   Hello beautiful! 

*Rosies POV*

               Who are you?!  " I am Niall Horan. I found you laying in the road... i think you were dead. so I  took you here". he said. Oh... well you look very familiar. where have I seen you before? " Well I am a world wide pop singer for a band called one direction so..... maybe you've seen me at a store". he said. Very funny. Well thank you for saving me. But, you don't have to stay here with me. " Well i'll stay with you until your family comes". he said. Well about that..... I kind of don't have a family. My mom died when i was very little and my dad left me to go live with his girlfriend. " Oh i'm sorry. Well what about you grandparents? Where are you living now"? he said. Well they passed away long before I was alive. Well i'm living with my uncle how abuses me. " Oh well I'll stay with you and if you want you can live with me. I'll take good care of you and won't abuse you". he said. You don't have to do that is you don't wan't to. " Well i wan't to you seem like a very nice girl and I wan't to help you". he said. Ok. I really don't wan't to live with my mean nasty and cruel uncle. You are so sweet! He was so nice he was very handsome. With those crystal blue eyes and that dirty blond hair. How could you not think he was cute! "Rosie! you awake!" he said. I didn't even notice i was staring into his eyes i couldn't help it! Ya i'm good. Iw as just staring into spacing and thinking. "Ok well you should get some rest. Ok?" he said. Ok I said as i layed down and drifted off to sleep.

*Niall's POV*

                    She is so beautiful. I am glad she and I met. Now i have saved her from dying and from her mean old uncle. I am really tired i think i'm gonna go to bed i thought to myself. First I'll call the boys ( Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson ). Rinnngggg rinnngggg rinnnnngggg Hello? Hey guys weird story but true. I was driving and I saw a girl in the road, dead. So i took her to a hospital and they revived her. now I am here with her and I am going to stay until she is better. I also invited her to live with us because she is having some family problems. So just calling to catch you up and tell you i wont be returning probably until tomorrow afternoon. " Ok mate we'll see you tomorrow then"! said louis. Ok bye! Niall hung up the phone and slowly drifted off to sleep.

*Rosies POV*

                     I woke up to Niall sleeping in the chair across the room. I picked up my book and read until he got up. Ten minutes later he woke up. " Good morning beautiful". Niall said. Good morning! " I'm going to go find the doctor and ask him when you can leave. Ok? " Niall said. Ok see you later. " Bye." Niall said, and he left the room with a smile on his face. I started to read my boo some more, but then i started to think about Niall. about how sweet he is. Well first of all he saved my life, and second of all we barely know each other and he invited me into his lovely home. Then I started to think about what my uncle would say when i told him the news. The thought of seeing him again frightened me. Then Niall walked back in and he interrupted my thoughts, but i didn't mind. Hello, hows the news? " Good you can leave in a couple hours!" he said. Ok yay! " Well i'm going to go get some breakfast. The doctor said you could come if you want." Niall said. Ok i'll come! " Ok t lets go then!" Niall said. I got up and we went to the cafe to have some breakfast



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