ain't no redneck romeo

miranda is a complete country girl she grew up on a farm and does everything country then one day at a shoping mall in her area she meets a city boy.....niall horan.can she turn him into her redneck romeo?


2. wake up and rock out

(Mirandas p.o.v)

my alarm clock went off.again. how many times have i pressed snooze? oh what ever i dont even care if lucy has to wait for me to get up. *buzzzzzz* buzzzz* fuck who could be textin me now.

*BFF :)))))

: get out side i am waiting for u i said be up by 9:30 so u have time to get ready so we can pull out of you drive way by 10:00.

me: fuck forgot to set my alarm be rigth out.

i hoped out of bed pulled on my jeans brushed my fingers threw my hair, buttoned up my flannel shirt.grapped my hoodie and ropers (shoe) out of the closet . then ran out the door good thing i left my keys in the truck last night. lacy got out of her car grapped her coat out of the trunk and hoped in my truck i had a big deisel gmc with hockey pipes in the back pretty sick truck if i might admitt.

Lacy:finilay i thought you were drunk or standing me up

miranda: hahaha nope i just forgot to set my alarm clock.

the ride to the city was a blast we blasted music and got super pumped for a loooooooooong day of shoping maybe thus wont be that bad.


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