ain't no redneck romeo

miranda is a complete country girl she grew up on a farm and does everything country then one day at a shoping mall in her area she meets a city boy.....niall horan.can she turn him into her redneck romeo?


1. keep searching

Lacy: oh miranda you will find some one someday who will be perfect for you, just because you havent  found any one yet doesnt mean you will be single for evr.we are only nineteen for petesack.

Miranda: no lacy you dont understand i have boys always trying to be my boy friend but i dont want them they just arent my redneck romeo! i need some one who will hunt with me and fall asleep in the back of my truck for the hell of it i dont want some one who is to grossed out to even gut a fish.

Lacy: meooooow! calm down but you need to get out more and relax stop worrying about guys....... i have an idea. we will go on a girls shopping trip on sunday i will tell nick he cant come.

Miranda:no way i just told you i hate city folk. know you are telling me i am going to the city to go shopping. i hate shoping and going to the city. i am not going.

Lacy:please come you can drive i know you hate my car i will let you drive you truck in please i wont make you come into any girl stores.please just come.

Miranda:okay fine but you have to let me stop at lammles because i need new jeans and boots.

Lacy:fine i need some new jeans too but we have to got the the mall after



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