One way or Another

Alex starts off her senior year falling In love in the process .
This book is about a girl who just fell in love when a new boy came to town. And falls for one of his mates


20. what am i gonna do?

hey guys i thought i should do this entire chapter from Zayn's POV i hope u like it and if you have any ideas please write them in the comments

we both leaned away and she looked at me . her eyes wide with surprise or disbelief and her lips parted slightly "Ale..." but she stood up and went to the bathroom. i cant believe that just happened and i was kinda glad i did her lips were so soft and sweet and she kissed me back . she can deny it but she did. i was glad no one was around i needed to think did she feel something for me ? she had to she kissed me she said she was jealous. i got up and opened the curtain that led to where the bunks were. "hey zayn" harry said "hey" he said "wheres Alex?' he asked worried "in the bathroom" i said i took a seat next to niall "i know you like Alex" niall whispered in my ear "what?' i asked him how did he know "you look at her the same way Liam and Harry look at her" he said explainng. Crap. i think we just sit there harry and Alex never coming back i was getting nervous.i was just about to go look for them when i got a text

From: Perrie Edwards

To:Zayn Malik

Hey babe i have a huge surprise for you:-)



To: Perrie Edwards

From Zayn Malik

what is it?



From:Perrie Edwards

To:Zayn Malik

well you know how your opening act for the tour got Mano i talked to Simon and he said Little Mix could open for you


oh no my gf is going to be on tour withus and  i know Alex dosent like her and i dont know what i was gonna do ....... i like Alex but shes with Harry and i like Perrie but..... ugh life is so complicated "whats wrong mate ?" niall asked me i sighed " little mix is opening for us on tour" i said all the boys looked at me and smiled. "that rocks" louis said "yea" i said looking at the text


Authurs NOTE

hey i hoped you liked this chapter and i know it wasnt the best just a filler promise please please please  leave me ideas in the comments section running out of ideas yours truly


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