One way or Another

Alex starts off her senior year falling In love in the process .
This book is about a girl who just fell in love when a new boy came to town. And falls for one of his mates


8. Truth or Dare?

I looked at my phone and texted back
Until the boys came over me and Alex played Mario katrs
My mum popped her head into view. "Boys are here " she let them in. "Hey Hazza " Louis said. " hey Lou . We all sat on the floor and Niall started to grin "what is it ?" I asked ." Let's play truth or dare.
Alex's POV
We all sat in a circle and put the bottle in the middle Niall spun first."Louis truth or dare?" He asked "ummmm....... Dare" he said . "Ok I dare you to wash your teeh with mustard." He said eewww I thought. Louis spun the bottle and landed on Harry . "Truth or dare mate?" He said . " dare" he said smiling at me. "Ok I dare you to go to Gemma's room and put on her clothes on." Louis said proud of his dare soon enough Harry came out with a tank top a pencil skirt and some pumps .i litteraly died laughing.Harry spun the bottle then it landed on Liam ." Truth or dare?" Liam rthought for a moment "truth" he said "you always pick truth but whatever" Harry said." Is it true ...." Just then mrs. Styles called us for dinner.
Liam's POV
We were eating tacos Harry's fave. Alex was grabbing a drink she looked pretty actually beautiful . She was just about to close the sprite when I stopped" pour me some?" I asked she smiled and nodded.we went and sat with the others. "It's getting late and we have school tomorrow" Alex said she yawned and stood up."I'll take you home " Harry said stuffing the taco in his mouth what a pig ,and I thought Niall loved food.
Harry's POV
We got into my Audi and we turned the radio on . Then they started to play one of our songs. "Baby you light up my world like nobody else" I sang along Alex looked at me." Is that you and the boys?" She asked .i nodded and her mouth fell open. It was our first single so we weren't well know yet I told her."that was amazing you all sound incredible.
She said I smiled and put my arm around her. We finally reached her house and I kissed her it got pretty passionate I know I've only know her for 3 days but I think I love her. My hand was at her neck her hand in my curly brown hair I wanted to keep her hear but we pulled away she smiled and ran inside I remember her lonely house all by herself I hoped she was ok.
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