One way or Another

Alex starts off her senior year falling In love in the process .
This book is about a girl who just fell in love when a new boy came to town. And falls for one of his mates


12. Realizing

Harry's POV

 after school we went to y house to call Simon. We went inside "hello" my mum said to us "hey mum were gonna go call Simon" i said going into the kitchen grabbing a bottle of water .  "ok " she said  we went into m y room and we all sat on the floor i called simon and put him on speaker. "Hello" Simon said "Hey simon we all said into the phone "my mum said you wanted to talk to us " i said "yes well youre going on tour next week and we need you all to come to the u.s. for preperation tomorrow" he said "cool Zayn said he was all up for missing a couple months of school/ "thats fine i said   i looked at alex "can my girlfriend come on tour ?' i asked there was a long pause "thats fine harry we have plenty of room ill pick the six of you up tomorrow morning." he said and he hung up "finally no school " niall said jumping on my bed  "well its getting late ive gotta go home " Alex said  i was about to ofer her a ride home but Liam stepped  in. " i could drive you home ive got to go to" he said smiling "ok cool" she said she turned to face me and kissed me our lips moving with each other my arms wrapped around her waist i could feel her giggling. and i heard Liam clear his throat.

Liam's POV

we got into my car and i turned on the radio keeping the music to a background noise. we drove for about 10 minutes until we reached her abounduned house she turned to me and said goodbye and impulsivley i kissed her cheek. she smiled and went inside

Alex's POV

Liam kissed my cheek i felt wierd it felt like my cheek was on fire and ......i hate to admit it it i kinda liked it. i went upstairs into my room and went to take a quick showert after i came out i started to pack my bags. My phone buzzed


hey beautiful ready for tomorrow?

i smiled i was ready and i couldnt wait to see him preform

From Alex:-)

yea cant wait, meet you at your house in the morning.

 i turned off my phone and slipped into bed dreaming of tomorrow

Harry's POV

in the morning we all met at my house Gemma was upset that everyone was here so early she wanted to sleep. we all went to the living room and  waited for Simon after about 20 minutes we heard a honk we all went outside and saw a limo we were all excited this was still new to us. Simon came out and greeted u s we all started to put our  bags in the trunk and i was going to grab Alexs bag but Liam grabbed it first "ill get that for you " i heard him say to her.

Liam's POV

we drove to the airport Harry kept glancing at me i think hes trying to figure me out. when we got there Harry helped Alex out the limo and i felt jeaouls that Harry had her that she wasnt mine and that i wanted her to be with me. when we borderd the plane we sat in first class fancy. and instsntly Niall started asking for snacks and beverages.

Niall's POV

Liam was acting Strange. he kept looking at Alex and i cant blame him shes hot but he also kept looking at harry. i sat next to Zayn and Louis and told them "i think Liam likes Alex " i said "can you blame him shes beautiful " Zayn said Lois nodded . "yea but i think heas goona try and break them up" i said quietly for them not to hear.

Harry's POV

 were here i said to Alex pointing out the window  she sat in my lap and we looked out the window we could see the air port and all of America she smiled "ive missed it here " she said when i remenbered she was from here she lookeed ant me and i kissed her and Liam was looking at us. we walked to the airport we were waiting for the tour bus outside when Niall' came to talk to me ."hey " i said "hey mate " whats wrong i asked he looked upset " i thionk Liam likes alex " he said i frowned and turn my head to see Liam talking to Alex i know Liam pretty well and Nialll was right he liked her and he was in for a big surprise.


i hope youve liked so far ill update soon anyways i am holding a contest if you wanna be in my story and wanna date one of the guys leave a comment below with you name the member and your hair color and eyes. thanks:-)



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