One way or Another

Alex starts off her senior year falling In love in the process .
This book is about a girl who just fell in love when a new boy came to town. And falls for one of his mates


25. Questions

Alexs POV

me and Louis look alike no way  do we? No "it's true love you and Lu do look alike" Harry said looking atvme

Louiss POV

do we look alike?  I don't think we could be related could we ? " you ok?" Nicole asks me  "yea lost in thought I guess" she smiled at me and took my hand 

Alex's POV 

Everyone was still talking when Chloe came "here you go" she says and put our drinks on the table  "so what can I get you to eat?" she asked smiling . We all looked at niall   " what?" he asked "order" Liam said "oh ok" he ordered for about three minutes chloe had to flip her notepad four times for how much food he ordered "I'll get that out for you soon" she said and left. 

Niall's POV

We finished eating oh how I love nandos  we finished eating and went back to the bus  I kept thinking about Chloe . We all got ready for bed girls on there side guys on ours .we were about to go to sleep when we got an email from management saying we were staying in Dallas for another week. I was glad

Harry's POV

"tonight was amazing Harry" Alex said "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself I love you" I kissed her and went to sleep.

In the morning

Niall's POV

i woke up around 8:30and everyone was still asleep I wanted coffee and decided to go to Starbucks . I changed and wrote everyone a note

Going to Starbucks c u later-Niall 

I drive to Starbucks and park I go inside and walk up to the register  the cashier turns around to face me "Chloe ?"  I say she blushes how cute "hi.... Um what can I get you?" she asks "I'll have a mocha" I say she smiles and gets my coffee  when she comes back she says "that will be $2.45" she told me "ok" I hand her the money 



Chloes POV

just as I'm about to attend the next customer Niall asks me "hey um when's your break?"  I look at my watch 9:15 exactly "now actually why." I ask him 


Authurs note

Im so sorry it would have been better but  my phone erased it all ugh. I promise I'll do better any ideas on what's gonna happen in the story and between Niall and Chloe let me know

Truly yours

AngelizMalik :-)

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