One way or Another

Alex starts off her senior year falling In love in the process .
This book is about a girl who just fell in love when a new boy came to town. And falls for one of his mates


14. Opening for One Direction

Alex's POV

"what?' i asked looking at the boys and simon "you open for  stage. "i'e never actually heard you preform " Harry said "cause you've only heard me in chorus" i said smiling "do you play any instruments?' Simon  asked "yea i play guitar and Piano" i say looking at simon "well then Alex go on and play for us" he handed me a guitar i grabbed it and went up on stage and began to sing.

Harry's POV

WOW she is amazing  her voice was so sweet and smooth and perfect she came down and i ran up to her lifting her off the ground  "your awesome " i said before she could say something i put her soft lips to mine. "wow"  she said her face flushed  we heard  Liam go "Ahem" we look and simon is smiling "well Alex welcome aboard"

Simon's POV

i havent heard talent like that since i heard the boys. "have you written any of your own songs?' i asked her i saw Harry look at Alex she smiled "yea " she said "good we will run through them now the boys have to practice the concert is tomorrow" i said "ok " she said.

Harry's POV

"good luck" i said kissing her cheek "ill miss you i said "ill miss you too" she said she went with simon we went back on stage and we started Little Things every time we sing this song it reminds me of Alex Liam looked pissed i couldnt blame him anybody would be lucky to be with Alex he r long beautiful long brown hair and big blue eyes her amazing personality. after we preformed we went to the recording studio and Alex was singing she sounded amazing how did i get so lucky?.

Liam's POV

how did Harry get so lucky.? she looked so happy and i decided that i would leave her with him

Zayn's POV

wow just wow she was like wow i literaly have no words to describe what its like to hear her sing she was incredibly beautiful and she wasnt mine i didnt want to  get in the iddle of her and harry but when she was singing she smiled at me and that decided that for me.

Authurs note


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