One way or Another

Alex starts off her senior year falling In love in the process .
This book is about a girl who just fell in love when a new boy came to town. And falls for one of his mates


4. New friends

Alex's POV
WOW I couldn't believe he kissed my cheek I closed the door and went to sleep after changing into my pjs
BEEP BEEP BEEP I woke up to the sound of my alarm 6:30 am ugh. I got up and went to my closet grabbed a plaid shirt put a white tee under some skinny jeans and a pair of red sneakers. I went downstairs to grab some coffee and left . I walked to school and made it just in time for class. I went into drama I saw Harry he looked at me and smiled while patting the seat next to him. I smiled and sat by him.
Harry's POV
Alex sat next to me I kept replaying the moment of having my arms wrapped around Alex and kissing her cheek. My attention was brought back when mr. Jones told me to preform a scene from Hamlet. After I finished the bell rang and it was time for lunch I sat at the table where me and Alex sat at yesterday. Her hair was blowing in the wind she looked beautiful .i saw my friends walking "hey you guys!" I yelled they all looked over and came to our table. " Alex , these are my mates Niall, Liam , Zayn and Louis. " I said. "Hi" she said swallowing her sandwich .
Alex's POV
Harry's friends were nice cute too but Harry was way cuter.after school
I was about to walk home but Harry grabbed my hand " wanna ride?" He asked pulling me to his car. " sure " I said I didn't wanna walk 3 miles home and ill admit I wanna be alone with the guy. He started to drive and we started to talk. "So have any friends?" He asked casually. "Yea but there always with thier boyfriends" I said. " but your friends seem nice" I told him. He laughed " thanks ,but to tell you the truth I think Niall has been flirting with you." He said then I laughed. We were at my house now and I turned away to say goodbye. Harry was looking at me "Alex do you have a boyfriend?" He asked serious now. "No ....... Why?" I asked but he didn't answer he just leaned in kissing me.
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