One way or Another

Alex starts off her senior year falling In love in the process .
This book is about a girl who just fell in love when a new boy came to town. And falls for one of his mates


28. new crush and a goodbye

Niall's POV

I took Chloe back to work and i got her number when i left i headed to the tour bus. "hello" i said when i got inside ,everyone looked at me with a glare "what i miss?" i asked realizing things weren't good.

Liam's POV

"Well today we found out Zayn and Alex kissed ,Harry got mad an broke up with Alex and Perrie dumped Zayn" i told him remenbering what happened. "Anything else?" he asked "yea then Perrie slapped Alex" Louis said "wow i misssed a lot" we all nodded.

Harry's POV

she kissed him. i cant believe she kissed him. I thought Zayn was one of my best mates but apperntaly i was wrong. I was hiding in the bathroom , i was just thinking about what just happened. I heard a knock on the door and i get up to open it. "hey haz" Louis says "hi" i say he sits on the floor next to me  "you ok?" he asked i look at my hands "im not sure" i tell him he sighs and continues "i know your hurting right now but i have to ask you a question" he says i look up at him and he's comepletly serious "yea whats up?" i ask "do you think i should break up with Nicole?' he says ,wow i wasn't expecting that "um....i guess so why?" i asked interested now. "we'll she's been acting wierd and she just dosent act like she used too" i know Louis better than anyone and i know theres something more. "and?" i urge him to continue. "and i met someone else" he finishes.

Louis's POV

Harry saw right through me he knew something was up. When i told him i felt guilty i really liked nicole but i met this girl when we were in florida. her name was Alexis and she was just amazing. She was beautiful she had long brown hair big blue green eyes and a great smile she was perfect.

Alex's POV

i just cried for about 4 hours straight i cried until i couldn't anymore. I was laying on my bunk when i saw Zayn come in "go away" i say and he just climbs up on by bunk. "Alex i'm sorry" he said  sorry? i thought to myself Harry dumps me and all he could say is sorry? "we'll Zayn i think it's a little too late for that' i say getting up i pick up my suitcase and put away all my things "what are you doing/" Zayn asks me turning me to face him "i'm going home" i tell him there was really no point of me being here. "you cant just leave" he says letting me go. "oh yeah just watch me" i put on my sandals and with that i walk right out of the bus not bothering to say goodbye to anyone.

Niall's POV

we just saw Alex walk out the bus what just happened?




Cliffhanger! i hope you all enjoyed i know i can do better i will its just a filler. promise

i put you in Alexis Tomolinsion ill put more of you in promise :-)

I'm glad you all read and if you can please read my new story The new member thanks

yours truly

AngelizMalik :-)


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