One way or Another

Alex starts off her senior year falling In love in the process .
This book is about a girl who just fell in love when a new boy came to town. And falls for one of his mates


26. lunch and a break up

Alex's POV

we all woke up to realize niall was gone . we read his note it said he was at starbucks. we all got ready for the day we were staying longer then expected in dallas,which is good  harry was still asleep and went over to him "haz.." i whispered in his ear he didnt wake i nudged him and he still didnt wake."here." zayn said handing me a cup of cold water i looked at zayn he smiled. i went upp to harry and poured the water on his face. "AAAAHHH THATS FREEZING" harry yelled looking at us. me and zayn couldnt contain ourselevs and we both fell on the floor from how much we laughed.

at starbucks

Nialls POV

chloe looked at me confused "would you like to go to lunch with me?" i ask her she blinks  and smiles "sure id love to" she comes out from behind the counter and we head out the door. we get in the car and i start driving.  we were silent for a couple seconds until i broke the silence "dont you work at nandos?" i asked remenbering how pretty she looked in her uniform "uh... yea well i have a part time job there and at starbucks" she said her cute smile taking up her face. "oh thats cool" i say

Zayn's POV

harry's reaction was priceless. he got up and went to the bathroom. me and alex were still on the floor i got up and took her hand she looked beautiful ."thanks" she said when i helped her up "sure " i say.  We stand there in silence for a minute then i remenber the kiss. "Alex were gonna have to talk about this sooner or later" i tell her she looks down at her hands "i vote later " she said walking away with the rest of the group. ugh.

Chloes POV

i cant believe he asked me too lunch. Maybe he likes me. we got into the pizza hut he stopped at. we get inside and were seated  . what can i get you?" the waitress asks us "uhmm well have the deep dish pizza a large please a large pepperoni pizza and a large meat lovers pizza" niall said after he put down the menu. "wow you really do love food" i say "yup" he says popping the p how cute.

Nialls POV

chloes so sweet and nice shes perfect after we finished eating and we head to the car i tell myself i have to break up with sydney.

Authurs note sorry its not great ill do better i promise

yours truly

AngelizMalik :-)

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