One way or Another

Alex starts off her senior year falling In love in the process .
This book is about a girl who just fell in love when a new boy came to town. And falls for one of his mates


11. Jealous

Alex's POV

I felt terrible everyone hates me. i shrugged it off my shoulders and went to shower i came back and harry was in my room 'hey he said "hey" i said pulling on my boots."ready to go?' he asked "um... dont you guys wanna go home and change " i said looking him over he was still in his clothes from yesterday. "yea we'll stop by my house on the way" he said taking my hand .

Harry's POV

we stopped at my house my mum was worried"where have you been?' my mum asked me while i was changing into a clean t shirt "i fell asleep on Alex's couch." i said  "oh thats fine ..... some guy was here looking for you and the boys i think it was Simon Cowell" she said i stopped and looked at her :SIMON COWELL" i said "yea he said you and the boys are going on tour next week" she said looking  at me. . i couldnt believe it  but then my mind  flew to Alex i couldnt leave her or leave school "call him and let him know ill talk to him later" i said i went to the living room and Alex was sitting on the couch "ready/' she asked when  she saw me "yea lets go".

Liam's POV

we met harry and Alex at school it was almost time for class. "so my mum said simon called" harry said as we walked to class "really what did he say?' niall asked "he said we go on tour next week" he said i couldnt believe it us on tour . Alex and Harry stopped at drama and me niall louis and zayn ent to history.

Alex's POV

we were in drama and today we were studying romeo and juliet corny right. well we had to have partners and my eye want straight to harry but a skinny blonde green eyed girl went up to me and said "dont even think about it " and she went to harry i got stuck with my ex boyfriend Josh. "so i hear your dating harry styles?' he said to me "yea so " i said "well i was kinda hoping that was still me" he said looking down "Josh as if itll happen you left me in my time of need when my parents died and you dumped me" i said feeling the anger and sadness from when it happened. After we preformed harry came and sat next to me "you did great " he said kissing my cheek "thanks but you did better " i said the bel rung and it was time for lunch i had to go to the office but when i got back five girls were sitting with the guys and Tiffany was flirting with harry he obviously  didnt flirt back but it bothered me alot. I went up to tiffany and tapped her on the shoulder "excuse you were trying to have a conversation " she said glaring at me. " well sorry to inturrupt but hes mine so stay away or else" i said to her "or else what?'  she asked "or else this i said taking a can of soda and [poured it on her head "you little witch " she said "i thought we were frinends tiff but if were not stay away"

Harry's POV

i have to admit that was pretty awesome it was wierd having girls come up to me especially when i justmoved here but i was glad to know i had a girlfriend that would try and stop those girls
Liam's POV

well i have to admit i got a little jealous seeing Alex defend Harry like that. im not gonna stop until shes mine so i hope harry is willing to put up a fight.


i hope you like this chapter i tried making it as long as possible ill probably update tonight let me know if you like:-)

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