One way or Another

Alex starts off her senior year falling In love in the process .
This book is about a girl who just fell in love when a new boy came to town. And falls for one of his mates


19. jealous? part:2

Alex,s POV

 i get out of Harry.s Bunk and go to  the bus driver "where are we headed?' i asked him "dallas, Texas " he says smiling "ok thanks"  i go back to the bunks and all the boys are asleep  awwww so cute ohwell. i look around and saw nialls  guitar and grabbed it.  i sit on my bunk and begin singing. "so you gotta get up you gotta get up get up ".  i started yelling "ssssshhhhhhhh " Zayn yelled at me. "wake up" i said looking at him.  i was still mad i dont know why though. i shook harry awake. "morning " i said kissing his cheek "what time is it?" he asked me  "12:30" i said "oh man" he said they all get up and niall grabs his guitar "dont wake us up like that again" he said i smile "aaawwww sorry nialler" i said he smiles and he starts to play little things.

Zayn's POV

Alex woke us up why would she do that i still dont understand why she's upset with me she's with Harry and i'm with Perrie. She goes to the kitchen to make a sandwhich "make me one?' i asked "sure" she said and she pulled out the bread "why are you mad?'; i asked i couldnt take her mad face  "im not  mad Zayn i'm just......." she stopped "i guess i got a little .....jealous" she said .so she was jealous i smiled at her . she smiled at me shyly "here she said handing me a sandwich. "thanks " we sat at the table and i looked at her nobody was looking at us and i thought impulsively and i just lean in and kiss her she didnt kiss me back at the begining  but she  did after a couple seconds we kissed passionatley.


hope u like sorry its short ill update soon

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