One way or Another

Alex starts off her senior year falling In love in the process .
This book is about a girl who just fell in love when a new boy came to town. And falls for one of his mates


27. i kissed your girlfriend

Alex's POv

 Me and zayn were gonna have to talk about this sooner or later i just didnt want to do it with Harry around. While i was with the others Harry came out of the bathroom. "hey babe did you recover from your ice bath?" i asked kissing him on the forehead. "yea' he said laughing.

Zayn's POV

i went to where the others were and found Harry and Alex together on the couch Perrie looked at me and smiled i didnt smile back. Seeing them together made my blood boil. Without thinking i said "harry can i talk to you outside?" everyone looked at me confused. "um sure.....Zayn'. he said and we walked outside.

Alex's POV

me Perrie all the other girls and guys just sat ther "what do you think there talking about?" i asked nervous i've never seen Zayn  so upset" i say holding one of the pilow close "no idea" Liam said he looked scared.  We all sat there in silence and then we heard someone yell.

Zayn's POV

 when we got outside Harry looked at me "so whats this about?" he asked crossing his arms . i didnt  want to lie to him and i didnt want to waste time. i took a deep breath "i kissed your girlfriend"  i say he laughed "thats funny zayn, what did you really want to tell me?" he asked "im not trying to be funny i really did kiss your girlfriend" i say his face turned red "WHAT?' he said exploding.

Alex's POV

 we all ran out side to see Zayn on the floor and Harry punching him. "HARRY STOP" i yell he dosent "Harry" i yell again he stops and Perrie helps Zayn up "what happened ?" i say "did you kiss him?' harry said pointing to Zayn. . i look over at Zayn , i cant believe he told him. i sigh and look down "yes" i say he  almost growls out "were done" . and he runs inside.. What i really didnt expect what happened next. "were done too" perrie says to Zayn and she walks up to me "what the heck is wrong with you?" she asks me before i can answer she slaps me right across the chheek.


well what did you think? i know theres lots of spelling errors sorry. what do you think nialls gonna think about all this?

and btw i think im gonna break up louis and nicole and liam and courtney any takers?

yours truly

AngelizMalik :-)

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