One way or Another

Alex starts off her senior year falling In love in the process .
This book is about a girl who just fell in love when a new boy came to town. And falls for one of his mates


30. Heartbreak

hey sorry i didnt update yesterday was busy but hope u like this chapter:-)

Harry's POV

I was still in the bathroom wih Louis when Zayn ran inside his face full of concern."HARRY" he said his face was pale he didnt look good "what?" i asked irritated. "It's Alex she gone" he choked out "what?" i yelled. I'm still mad at her and Zayn but that dosent mean i dont care about her "She was upset you dumped her so she grabbed her bags and ran out the  bus" he tells me. I think Zayns about to have a nervous breakdown and so am i. "We have to go look for her" Louis says i tottaly forgot he was in here..

Zayn's POV

this is all my fault, i told harry about the kiss and now it's all my fault she left. I thought to myself .Me Louis and Harry get out of the bathroom and headed to where everyone else is. "Where are you going?" Liam asks us when we get to the door. "were gonna go look for Alex" i say he gets up and grabs his jacket "i'm coming with you" he says . i nod and us four go and look for Alex.

Alex's POV

i know i shouldnt have run away but what else can i have done. i couldn't have been able to stand a couple months with the boys i cared about. As i walked to the nearest bus station i began to think,i thoughht about the mystery of me and louis possibly being related,thought about the fun time i had with Sydney and Courtney and all the good times i shared with boys.Was i ready to to leave it all behind?

Niall's POV

All the boys were gone and i was left with Sydney Courtney and Little Mix

I decided that i needed to break up with Sydney if i wanted to be with Chloe so i called Sydney over to the kitchen area "what's up?" she asked smiling "i think .......i think we  should break up" i choke out i look down at the floor and then i look at her waiting for her reaction. Finally she sighs "there's someone else isn't there" she didn't ask she was just confirming what she already knew. "yes" i tell  her "it's ok i understand' she says and i hug her.


hope you all enjoyed this chapter and what do you thinks gonna happen? if you have any ideas i'd love for you to tell me

yours truly


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