One way or Another

Alex starts off her senior year falling In love in the process .
This book is about a girl who just fell in love when a new boy came to town. And falls for one of his mates


32. goodbye

Harry's POV

i was getting worried i mean i still love Alex she means the world to me, just thinking about her leaving is painful. We got in the car and i instantly started calling her phone "voicemail" i say i send her a text




Alex please answer me dont go


i sit there waiting for her to reply she dosent right away but she does eventually





Harry leave me alone ur the one that dumped me


i felt my heart sink but she was right. I remenbered then that i have a app to track down people (i know wierd) i put in Alex's Phone number and it eventually told me where she was"Lou go to the airport" i say "ok' and we sit and wait till we get there.

Ale'x POV

i cant believe Harry has the nerve to text me after what happened today. I sit and wait for my plane to arrive as i feel someone sit next to me "Alex?" i know that voice the deep british accent is unmistakeable "go away Harry" i say my voice cracks at the end. Then i realize that Zayn Louis and Liam are here too 'what do you all want?" i say and look at Harry then Zayn "Alex dont go ....I love you " he says i see a tear run down his cheek leaving a stain.



a voice says from the intercom i stand up and look at Harry Zayn and the rest of them. I feel tears stream down my face and i turn around and walk towards the gate.

Harry's POV

she dosen't say a word she just leaves me there

Zayn's POV

i cant believe it shes gone and she wont ever come back i feel my heart break as i see the love of my life walk away from me.



cliffhanger!!! what did you think? is she really leaving is she coming back?



Niall's mine <3, Alexis Tomolinsion and brilewstyles youll be in the next chapter promise.

anyone want Liam

love ,AngelizMalik XOXO



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