One way or Another

Alex starts off her senior year falling In love in the process .
This book is about a girl who just fell in love when a new boy came to town. And falls for one of his mates


1. First sight

Senior year I know should be completely excited but I'm not. My boyfriend dumped me over the summer. My parents just passed away and I have to come back to school.i walked to my first class chorus. We all took our seats a couple girls were looking at me pointing to my clothes. I wasn't really surprised I looked like a mess. Our teacher made us all sing to see if we were alto or soprano. I got put in soprano and sat down. A boy came into class his curly brown hair flopping in every direction. " you're late" our teacher said. " I know I'm sorry " he said " we'll let's hear you sing" the boy stood up and he began to sing . He was AMAZING. " soprano" the teacher said and he comes to sit next to me. He looks at me and smiles " hello I'm Harry " he said to me . I then noticed his eyes a brilliant green." Umm I'm .... Alex" I said fumbling over my words.he smilies and turns away. I mentally smack myself stupid stupid stupid . The bell rings and were all going to our next class when I trip on my untied shoelace knocking all my stuff down. " you ok?" Harry picked up my things and handed them to me "uh yeah.... Thanks" I said standing up. " good .... I'm kinda new here could you point me to the math building?" He asked " yea sure who do you have?" I asked looking at his schedule realizing its identical to mine.
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