One way or Another

Alex starts off her senior year falling In love in the process .
This book is about a girl who just fell in love when a new boy came to town. And falls for one of his mates


6. First Date?

Alex's POV

I couldnt believe he was here "Harry' i said he turned around and saw me. "Alex hi" he sid kissing me on the cheek and puting his arm around my shoulder. 'im gonna go order ill be right back" i said going to the register

Harry's POV

i couldnt believe she was here. i looked at her she was about to pay for her lunch when i stteped in front of her and handed the cashier a twenty dollar bill."i couldve paid for that " she said "well i wouldnt want my girlfriend to waste her monery" i said smiling her eyes poped out when i said girlfriend."is that what i am?" she asked crossing her arms across her chest "well i was hoping you would be. Just then the cashier came out with her food we sat down with the boys. "so how was your little make out session with harry yeasterday?" Zayn said " he wouldnt shut up about it" he said smiling Alex looked at me and I stomped on Zayn's foot.

Alex's POV

We finished our lunch and Harry drove me home it was only 2:00pm.Harry and I swapped numbers and i turned to say goodbye. "i,ll text you later" he said smiling his cheeky grin."ok bye " i said but i wasnt expecting him to kiss me his warm lips crushed against mine his hand on my neck. were we dating? i wanted to. I went inside and locked the door of my lonely house i took a shower changing into to some sweats and a t shirt.

Harry's POV

i got home about half and hour later.and picked up my phone.


Hi whats up?ALEX

Im still waiting for the answer for if youll be my girlfriend? HARRY

My heart sped up as i waited for her answer.


she said yes. my heart swell with joy.

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