One way or Another

Alex starts off her senior year falling In love in the process .
This book is about a girl who just fell in love when a new boy came to town. And falls for one of his mates


24. Dallas concert and Surprise gone wrong? part 2

Authurs note

heres the second part enjoy!!!

Alex's POV

 even better what does he mean? just before i can ask him what he means the feris wheel stop "um why'd we stop?" i asked harry he just smiles at me. He then grabs a micraphone from who knows where and stands on the seat. "ATTENTION DALLAS" harry yells out to the entire carnival. fans start to recognize him and start screaming "I WOULD LIKE TO DEDICATE THIS SONG TO MY BEAUTIFUL GIRLFRIEND ALEX" he yells and then i hear music play and he looks at me and sings

"i find your liiiips so kissable and your kiiiiiiiiss unmissable your fingertips so touchable and your eyeeees irresistable" i cant believe this he sang irresistable

. all you could hear were fans screaming for him and i felt a tear go down my cheek he smiled and pulled me to stand with him it was  kinda scary considering we were up like 300ft in the air but whatever he lifted the mic up to his lips and he said "Alex i lve you so much" he told me "i love you too" i said he smiled his cheeky grin and his green eyes sparkled brightly he leaned  in and kissed me our lips moved together and i could feel him smile underneath the kiss. we heard fans scream and cheer harry sat me down and pulled me in for a hug the ride started to move again and we came back down. "HARRY HARRY HARRY" girls yelled . harry pulled us out of the crowd and he pulled me towards the tunnel of love.

Zayn's POV

since harry and alex were gone and liam was with courtney louis was nicole and niall was with sydney i decided to take perrie out too. i heard about this arnival in town and wanted to go.

when we got to the carnival i bought our tickets and perrie took my hand "lets go there" perrie said pointing to the tunnel of love. "ok" i said i didnt want to go cause it reminded me of Alex but i wanted perrie to be happy we got in line and we waited behind some guy and his girlfriend it was wierd the guy had Harry's curls. we got to the front of the line. we had to share the cart with the couple in front of us. i didnt mind but perrie wasnt to happy about it. when we got in Harry was first wait a second "Harry?" i asked looking at him and sure enough there was alex sitting next to me. "hey mate what are you doing here?" harry asked "im on a date with perrie" i said alexs eyes grew from a light blue to a dark ble "cool" harry said. so the order was harry alex me and perrie .

Alex's POV

 just my luck just when things were getting better they end up getting worse so i was inbetwwen harry and zayn harry was holding my hand and zayn was holding perries hand i wanted to pull them apart and have him to myself but what could i do i looked up at Zayn and he smiled at me he knew just how awkaward the situation was . i looked at harry was loking around the tunnel and so was perrie i looked at zayns free hand and took it i know stupid right ugh what am i gonna do i glanced at him he smiled and i could see him blush a little.

Harry's POV

its so wierd zayn and perrie ended up comig to the carnival  too  i shook it off and  we started to get off the ride. i looked at my watch 7:30pm i could feel my stomach growl "haha hungry?" alex asked putting her hand around my waist "yea wanna go eat?" i aske her "sure" she said "you guys wanna go too?" i asked zayn and perrie "yea  lets go eat nando's" perrie said "then we have to invite niall and everyone else" zayn says "okay ill text them" and i pull up my phone


To:Niall Horan,Louis Tomolsion, Liam Payne

From:Harry Styles

were off to dinner nandos wanna come?


i got three texts back saying yes.

Niall's POV

yay nandos i took sydney to my car and we went to nandos "hey " i say as me and sydney enter the resturanut  "vas happening?" zayn says and hugs me  louis and liam are already there with there gf's we take our seats and i take sydneys hand "hello my names chloe and ill be your server what can i get you too drink?" i look at the waitress an my heart starts to swell she beautiful big green eyes beautiful brown hair. "niall?" sysdney asks "huh?' i say dazed "your drink" she says laughing "oh ill have a sprite " i say chloe smiles and takes everyones order.  we all sit there talking Sydney is talking to perrie and im thinking about chloe i decide to just think about it later then i look at louis and Alex talking they look alot alike  i've never noticed before until now "hey lou?' i say and they both look at me "You and al look alot alike" i say they both glance at each other both have brown hair blue eyes and they dont say a word everyone else stops talking and look at them too .


Authurs note

 I hope you like tried to make it long and good any ideas whats gonna happen?

 i put u in Nialll's nine <3 hope u like really do :-) ill put more of u in promise

yours truly

AngelizMalik :-)

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