One way or Another

Alex starts off her senior year falling In love in the process .
This book is about a girl who just fell in love when a new boy came to town. And falls for one of his mates


13. Confronting

Harry's POV

i felt angry upset furious i felt as if i could rip out my hair . i took a deep breath "thanks mate " i said patting niall on the head i know i atleast have a true friend. "hey mate " i said walking to Alex putting my arm around her shoulder and looking at Liam. "hey" he said obyiously unconfortable. just then we hear a big screech come from behind us our tour bus was here.

Alex's POV

 id be lying if i said that it was cool its amazing its huge my bedroom back home was smaller thatn it. "you like Harry said as we got on the bus with our bags "love" i said taking a seat. he smiled and kisssed my my cheek i saw Liam staring at us. he looked sad i wanted to know why.

Liam's POV

 i saw harry kiss Alex's cheek i felt sad i loved her i admit it i love her and i needed to get her to see that. We got to the Amway arena and Paul our body gaurd came over and we talked to him he led us to the stage. "ok boys lets take it from what makes you beautiful" simon says we get onstage and Alex sits in the front  watching us. "thats what makes you beautiful" harry end s the song and he smiles at Alex i couldnt take it anymore i stormed off the stage.

Alex's POV

i saw liam run off stage i followed after him. "Liam are you ok?' i asked "no" he said his head in his hands  "whats wrong?" i asked putting my hand on his shoulder. he looks up at me he dosent say anything he just puts both hands on ither side of my face and puts his lips to mine.

Harry's POV

i came in looking for Alex and Liam when i see Liam kissing my girl she pulls away and slaps him right on the cheek. "what is wrong with you?' she asks looking at him "thats what id like to know" i say coming in going to Alex's side and pull her into my arms "Harry i" he said looking at me " dont worry Liam i know what happened " i said taking a right hook to his face.

Alex's POV

" i cant believe he did that " i said hugging Harry tight "i know baby im sorry " he said kissing my forehead. we went back to the stage and we see simon looking upset. "whats up simon?' harry asked looking at him "other by the obvious reason that you punched liam well your opening act just got mano" he said i looked at Harry "um i could open for you guys " i said looking at them they all look at me


sorry its short  ill update soon :-)



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