One way or Another

Alex starts off her senior year falling In love in the process .
This book is about a girl who just fell in love when a new boy came to town. And falls for one of his mates


16. concert

Harrys POV

i wake up to find alex in zayns arms i felt sick Zayn would never do this to me would he ? no . i get off the bunk and lift alex up in my arms and kiss her forehead her big blue eyes blink open "morning " she says

Alexs POV

 the concert is today. i feel like im gonna barf i jump out of harrys arms and go to the bathrooom and head straight for the toilet. feel harrys behind me and he pulls my hair up. i gey up and wash my mouth "i guess im nervous" i say to harry i sit on the edge of the tub and harry bends down in front of me. 'your incredibly talented love youll be amazing" he says and he kisses me i honestly have to say i think i love him but im not real sure how to tell him.

Zayns POV

i feel a pair of  warm soft lips at my ear and look at Alex stillo in my arms and without warning she kisses me

CRAP IT WAS A DREAM man it felt so real i wake up to find my bed empty wheres alex then i get up and see harry kissing alex in the lou gross.

Alexs POV

 we all getready and we get out of the bus and we enter the back of the stage and we  can hear thousands of their fans they got famous  real fast.. a woman from the crew tells me imn on in five. i nod and walk to Harry "you ready?' he asks taking my hand "little nervous " i say and he leans in and kisses me and he moved his handsw up and down my my back sending chills down my spine. wow i accidently say out loud my head spinning. "same too you" he said kissing my cheek and he leaves me alone "hey" zayn says walking up to me he looks so sweet his hair  black and pushed back he waswearing black jeans and a  blue tee shirt "hi" i say "you look nervous" he says sitting next to me "thanks" i say  "sorry but its true " he said s,iling "Alexd your on in 1' the lady says i sigh and get up "youll be great "  he says to me and he kisses my cheek. i felt something and it wasnt like when liam kissed my cheek or anytng it felt right sweet and gentle . i didnt have time to process it the l;ady grabbed me and pulled me on stage.

Zayns POV

she got up on stage and grabbed the guitar and went to the mic and began to sing. when she finished  she came out and  she was excited you could see it plain on her face "good job" harry said wrapping her in a hug "thanks "  she said hugging him back "i love you alex" he said to hert i felt my heart break " i love you too" she said and i felt awful she lovede him  not me and we went on stage..

Alexs POV

 i did it i preformed and harry said he loved me wow what a night  me and harry left the stage to go to the bus and we saw zay making out with some blonde girl .

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