Be Alright

I'm Mackenna Lightwood. I live at an adoption center in Stratford Ontario. My parents didn't want me any more by the time I was 2. So they left a stray at 2 years old. At least they left me here on the door step of The Stratford Adoption Center. My life of chores is harmless until a 19 year old man adopts me.


1. Chapter 1: Good News


I'm at the adoption center doing my chores cleaning dishes, sweeping and tidying the bed sheets. I hear my name being called and rush to the door.

"Mackenna this is Justin, he wants to adopt you." Mrs.Greene said.

"Really, me?" I asked shocked.

"Yes darling, you." Justin tells me.

"I'm never wanted, they always go for the younger ones who are like 2-4. So they don't remember their parents." I tell him.

"Well, I want someone who will remember." He says.

"Ok when do I leave." I say ready to leave this horrid place.

"First thing tomorrow." He tells me smiling.

"Yay!" I exclaim.

"Bye darlin. See Ya tomorrow." He says kissing my forehead.

In head off to bed and fall asleep instantly.


I wake up bright and early, pack my stuff, eat and wait in the livingroom for Justin to pick me up.

"There's my darlin." Justin says and I run to him.

"Justin!!" I exclaim.

I hear gasps go through the room. "I, umm, I mean dad." I say kindly.

"It's ok you can call me Justin if you wish." He tells me sweetly.

"Thanks, J." I say smiling. "BYE GUYS, I'LL MISS YOU!!" I shout to them.

"BYE MACKENNA!!" They shout back.

Well I'm leaving but I'm not that happy to leave my friends. I fall asleep in the car so I've no idea ofmy surroundings.


"Wake up, darlin wake up." I hear J say.

"Mornin Daddy." I say smiling at him.

"Nice to see you happy but it's 4:00 pm." He says.

"OH MY GOSH!!" I erupt flying up and I hit my head on J- I mean Daddy's head. A little giggle escapes my mouth and we rub our heads in sync.

"Well we are like father and daughter." I say still giggling.

"There's no mistaking that." He says.

He takes my hand and we walk to the house that we arrived at. We get inside and I rush to the fridge for food. I spot a cake and take it out of the fridge.

"Mackenna you can NOT eat that cake!" Dad tells me.

"I WILL ANYWAYS DAD!" I yell and shove it in my mouth.


"NEVER!!" I shout.

"Never say never." He sings.

"Ever, ever, ever." I continue.

"Ok seriously, put down the cake." He tells me.


"Thank you darlin." He said.

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