Trina and Beatrice are best friends,and have just won a special camp getaway with guess direction,and well,they never expected to have That band to be their special win,but anyways,they go far to the mountains and camp for about 1-2 weeks just for fun,it's summer(late)and what wouldn't you expect from those summer days in a nice looking mountain terrain with clear lovely lakes where you could bathe and have fun.............but then again,you have the hearts that their doors are wide open for a new collision......if you know what i mean.


1. Riding with the guys.....what the what?

Trina's P.O.V




"holy crap Bea"i whispered gasping as ONE FREAKING DIRECTION,popped out of this big long limo."it's ok calm down Trina,you don't want to scream in their face and annoy them"Bea grabbed both my shoulders.I tried simulating a smile,but i was just too surprised of what was in my face.I nodded,and picked up my suitcases slowly.Then the hot members offered help."need help love?"Louis asked with a big lovely smile.I was speechless,my mouth opened several times and i fluttered a lot,but i just couldn't speak."she would,thanks for asking Lou."Bea finished my awkward moment.Louis chuckled a little,and took the suitcases out of my hand."your welcome"he smirked.All i could do was smile and wipe my eyes.This was a dream........or was it?

"he likes you now"someone suddenly whispered,i turned around and found the cute Irish boy standing proudly against my shoulder and one of his eyebrows raised.My face became confused,but i didn't really focus on his sentence,well,because, my major crush was..........Harry.Yeah,and as i looked over at him a couple of times,he'd be smiling or smirking at me,but before i caught him,he'd turn his look somewhere else,cute huh?Well.......and also,Zayn and his sinister mind,was giving me and him that look.Which made it soo awkward!

I tried clearing my mind......knowing it was never EVER going to happen,pshh,a relationship with a one direction member? Yeah,like if that's happening."you alright love?"Liam's familiar voice chimed.I quickly snapped out,and nodded with a small short smile."well then brighten up your!"he exclaimed making everyone's attention turn to us."ugh.."i breathed out scared as hell.But i also felt bad for Bea,they weren't giving her much attention,which kinda surprised me,i guess they thought she was an extra,which is soo mean!

-To:Bea Besie.Subject:are you ok?

I see they're kinda avoiding you,which is really weird.but are you ok?

I text-ed Bea with dancing thumbs.Minutes later,her iPhone buzzed,and when she saw who it was,she looked at me with the corner of her eyes,and instead of replying or even checking the iMessage,she just put her iPhone back in her purse, and for the next 5-6 minutes,not a single word came out her mouth.

"Soooo,where are we going?"i asked trying to change everyone's weird subjects.The boys quickly turned to me,and chuckled."that's a surprise love,but you and your friend bought clothes right?"Louis asked while Niall chuckled loudly. I nodded slowly with shrugging eyebrows."well then it's a surprise"he finished off with smirk.I smiled,and decided to just play some temple run 2 on my Iphone.I was very bored.........never did i think i was going to be so bored with people like these!!


"wake up!"Bea exclaimed.I fluttered open my eyes,and saw that outside,it was a whole different one ever told me we were coming......................CAMPING,for how many days,weeks,hours,what are we going to do,why here?So many questions,my eyes focused straightly on one direction.....why here loves??I love you guys so much but,camping,i mean i love camping,but i could've at least a tent or something.Now where am i and Bea going to sleep at.UGH!Now im just really,my mind is spinning.I think i must refresh it again.

"this is so great right guys?"Bea asked with a smile.I didn't do anything,i just followed 1D's Trails to the place i guess we were going to camp at."sure"Liam said softly.I looked up at Bea,and i could tell ya,her face wasn't bright or good.Ok,this moment right now,isn't what i had planned in my mind,24 hours ago whilst i slept on my comfy missed bed that i just wanted to be tucked in right now.

This better be good,is all im saying.


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