Knights and Archangels

The fall of heaven is surely for certain, but Rapheal and Ariel are fighting for its existence. With Gabriel missing and Lucifer hidden, who knows what part men play in this. As problems between King Henry III and Louis IX over their territories and women fuel the hunger of fallen angels such as Lauviah and the Dark Empress. As the depths hell set out a plan to make the world destroy itself, Michael plans to call on the aid of humans. So as he hides the existence of angels can he find goodness in men? Or is a single knight all that they need to unite the world for their a common cause? ....Leviathan is awakening!!!


1. The fall of Rome

Fire burns deep in the dry summer grass, as it covers fields beyond the city. The wind throws the sparks further and further beyond the horizon, causing nature more and more misery. For war has been the cause of this. For war is forever in the worlds future, but this has not been started by men but started by power which no man has the strength, courage or belief to overcome.Gabriel looks up towards the dark sky and sees a figure which is darker than no other. He rises his sword to ards the gloomy figure, pointing the tip towards it. Gabriel is not afraid, but afraid for all that walks this earth. He struggles to get his stance and shouts

"Let there be light, light that conquers the pain, light that conquers the cursed, light that destroys the evil within"

A great light strikes from the sword towards the figure, blasting a hole right through and into the sky. It shines so bright that Gabriel has to close his eyes. He slams his left foot back as he struggles to withhold the power from the sword, as the shadow in the dark sky screams and shrieks, it engulfs a flame out across the sky and down to the earth. It soars for while as it tries to stop the light, but then crashes with such speed into the city of Rome, which causes a wave of fire destroying the houses, breathes of children and the walls of Rome. The wave is so strong it sends anything in its path into the depths of hell. Gabriel braces himself for impact, so he spreads his wings and flies up so fast that a trail of air follows behind. But he is too slow, the wave catches him before he can reach beyond the dark sky. He his blasted so far that he seems to just disappear. No trace is left of Gabriel and of the dark figure. Its like this was just a myth.

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