Years from Then

This is a sequel to Niall's Sister so heres the plot. Niall is married to Jessica and they have a twelve year old boy jason , Liam is married to Niki and they have 8 year old twins, Mary and Mason, Louis is married to Lacy and they have a twleve ear old son named Jack and finally Zayn was married to Bryn but she died in a shooting on her trip to Africa so now Zayn is raising two 14 year old girls named Olivia and Alyssa. And lastly Harry. Harry found them all and changed so he settled down with Wanda and have 10 year old twins Dustin and Bryn, Bryn is named after Zayn's wife which brought Zayn to tears of happiness. Enjoy!


5. Chapter 5

A few months had passed and we were now famous, crazy right? We've been interviewed and have been in magazines. Today is our first meet and great in a few hours. We were sitting at the table talking and waiting for the first guest to come, we heard screaming. Mary had tears in her eyes from the screaming so Mason held her until it calmed down. The doors opened and fans came running in. Oh did I mention we formed to bands? There were The Styles which were the boys and we were at one table and the girls were The Pink Payne's they were at the other table. Jack and I were 13 now everyone is a year older now. The Styles are having there meet and great first so the girls went shopping for a little bit. A girl around mt age walked up to the table skipping everyone else and walked right up to me. "OMG YOUR JASON HORAN" I got scared and backed my chair up a little. Uh yeah. I said. "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S REALLY YOU" Um yeah can I sign anything for you? "YES YES YES" She gave me a picture of myself. Ok. I signed it gave her a smile and she walked away. A few hours passed and a girl just came up screaming louder and crazier then the other ones. "OH MY GOD YOUR JASON DRAKE HORAN" Yeah can I sign anything for you? I have to admit she was very cute she had carmel brown hair blue green eyes she was shorter then me and she was thin but not to thin, she was perfect. But she's a crazed fan. "YES CAN YOU SIGN THIS" Sure thing beautiful. I signed her picture while she was standing there shocked. "here" she said handing me a piece of paper with her number on it. Thanks gorgeous are you single? I asked as she almost fainted.


Alyssa's P.O.V


The girls and I were talking and we decided we were going to....

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