Years from Then

This is a sequel to Niall's Sister so heres the plot. Niall is married to Jessica and they have a twelve year old boy jason , Liam is married to Niki and they have 8 year old twins, Mary and Mason, Louis is married to Lacy and they have a twleve ear old son named Jack and finally Zayn was married to Bryn but she died in a shooting on her trip to Africa so now Zayn is raising two 14 year old girls named Olivia and Alyssa. And lastly Harry. Harry found them all and changed so he settled down with Wanda and have 10 year old twins Dustin and Bryn, Bryn is named after Zayn's wife which brought Zayn to tears of happiness. Enjoy!


4. Chapter 4

Parents. Our parents were standing by the back door watching us. 


Jason's P.O.V


Uh guys what are our parents doing here? "Oh shit" Alyssa said. ALYSSA WATCH IT! I screamed. "Sorry" she said while everyone laughed. We walked off the stage to see our parents coming up to us. "Well well well, what do we have here" Uncle Louis said. Uh Uncle Louis I can explain. I said nervously. "No need to we've known about this for a while" My dad said. 


Once we got home we brought our parents down to our recording studio and showed them our songs and website. Everyone was impressed and they helped us plan our concert for tomorrow morning.




I heard more screams then yesterday it was crazy, we moved to a bigger arena with the help of our parents.


Aye oh aye oh aye

Aye oh aye oh aye

Got a million things on my mind

Don't got enough time

To remember everything

About you and me.


***skip the concert***



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