Years from Then

This is a sequel to Niall's Sister so heres the plot. Niall is married to Jessica and they have a twelve year old boy jason , Liam is married to Niki and they have 8 year old twins, Mary and Mason, Louis is married to Lacy and they have a twleve ear old son named Jack and finally Zayn was married to Bryn but she died in a shooting on her trip to Africa so now Zayn is raising two 14 year old girls named Olivia and Alyssa. And lastly Harry. Harry found them all and changed so he settled down with Wanda and have 10 year old twins Dustin and Bryn, Bryn is named after Zayn's wife which brought Zayn to tears of happiness. Enjoy!


3. Chapter 3

Jack's P.O.V


GUYS GET OVER HERE! I screamed to all of my cousins. We were at Uncle Zayn's house and Alyssa and Olivia were watching everyone while the adults were shopping. Everyone came over while I logged onto our website. Look! our first four shows our sold out and the fith goes on sale in an hour! "AHHHH" Olivia and Alyssa both screamed in excitment. We all stared at them "What were teenage girls" We all cracked up and went to get ready for tonights show. Freddie is our body gaurd and manager and his sister is hair and wardrobe. His sister Lindsey was actualy kinda cute but I didn't like her that much. She picked out a blue polo black skinny jeans and white nikes, for Alyssa she picked out a pink dress black leggings and back flats, all the girls had the same thing and so did the boys so it didn't take long.




We heard screaming from the crowd, even though this is our first concert everyone was excited. We walked on stage hand in hand from Alyssa-me-Olivia-Jason-Bryn-Dustin-Mary-Mason. We lifted up our hands, released them and Alyssa scremed "WERE THE STYLES AND THIS IS OUR FIRST SONG"

You've always been there when I've need to cry c-cry

You'll always be there when I need to say goodb-bye

Never left so far

Never gonna change

I'll always stick with you

Like were attached by glue

*The chorus came and I jumped up*



The girls went back stage and it was the boys turn to sing a song, Freddie went and found four girls each of our ages we sat them in a chair and sang all together


Give me a second think I lost my mind

Whenever I'm with you I'm stuck in time

I know you hate what I'm about to say

But, you're beautiful in every single way

Can't imagine life without ya

Girl you're my other half

So baby won't you promise me, you'll never leave my side

Never love another boy who makes you his bride

Just let me be the one and only

Boy who can ever *the music went faster* love ya hug ya, kiss ya, miss ya, tell you you're beautiful, hold your hand and walk down the street, make your heart skip a beat, walk ya down the isle dressed in white, sing to you till you fall asleep at night

*the music slowed down again*

Because girl, your the one for me

Why can't you see

How beautiful you really are

You light up my world like a shooting star

And without you

There's no point for me.

*I smiled as we finished the song and the girls went to wear they were*


We walked off stage while the girls came on for there song.


Olivia's P.O.V


We walked on stage as the boys walked off and we started to sing


I know this is just a lil crush

But boy when you laugh I blush

When you flash your smile

I just wanna stay a while

Oh god why can't you see

That you're the on for me

*skip the rest of the songs*


"ALRIGHT GUYS AND GIRLS THANKS FOR COMING OUT HERE" Jack said as everyone left but some people. We all looked at eachother and saw who it was, our...

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