Years from Then

This is a sequel to Niall's Sister so heres the plot. Niall is married to Jessica and they have a twelve year old boy jason , Liam is married to Niki and they have 8 year old twins, Mary and Mason, Louis is married to Lacy and they have a twleve ear old son named Jack and finally Zayn was married to Bryn but she died in a shooting on her trip to Africa so now Zayn is raising two 14 year old girls named Olivia and Alyssa. And lastly Harry. Harry found them all and changed so he settled down with Wanda and have 10 year old twins Dustin and Bryn, Bryn is named after Zayn's wife which brought Zayn to tears of happiness. Enjoy!


2. Chapter 2

Alyssa's P.O.V


JASON GIVE ME BACK MY PHONE! I screamed to my cousin "NEVER" GIVE IT! "IN YOUR DREAMS" I tackled Jason to the ground and got my phone back from him, ha! I said to him up in his face. "this means war" He said while turning on his heels and walking away. As you can see we look like a normal family, we fight we make up we hang out, we text. But theres something none of the adults know about us were in a band, yes the whole Styles family in a band, we call ourselves "The Styles" it's Dustin and Bryn's last name but we think it sound good. We practice everyday in mine and Olivia's basement because it used to be One Direction redcording studio. As I was walking down with Mason on my back I stopped. There was a huge poster saying "The Styles" on our door. On it was, Olivia and I on the ends, with our arms on Jason and Jacks shoulders, Dustin and Bryn each had Mason and Mary on there shoulders. All the girls were wearing a pink tank top with black jean shorts and pink and black vans, the guys all wore a red T-shirt with black jeans and red supras. I thought we looked great.




Nobody else could come betweeeeeeeeeen. ***end of song*** Jason finished the song and we all clapped. He was an amazing singer, everyone agreed. We were planning our first tour, no not a world tour or country tour not even a sate tour. But a town tour. We all had two seater mini bikes that were licensed and all of us could drive except Mason and Mary but they rode on mine and Olivia's bike with us. So we were making our tickets, posters, and schedules for the town tour. I know what your thinking if its a tour how can your parents not know? Well they just don't.

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