Years from Then

This is a sequel to Niall's Sister so heres the plot. Niall is married to Jessica and they have a twelve year old boy jason , Liam is married to Niki and they have 8 year old twins, Mary and Mason, Louis is married to Lacy and they have a twleve ear old son named Jack and finally Zayn was married to Bryn but she died in a shooting on her trip to Africa so now Zayn is raising two 14 year old girls named Olivia and Alyssa. And lastly Harry. Harry found them all and changed so he settled down with Wanda and have 10 year old twins Dustin and Bryn, Bryn is named after Zayn's wife which brought Zayn to tears of happiness. Enjoy!


1. Chapter 1

Niall's P.O.V


JASON GET DOWN HERE JACK WILL BE HERE ANY MINUTE! I shouted to my now 12 son. "COMING DAD" *ding dong* I ran over to the door and Jack Louis and Lacy stood there in bathing suits. Jack had a six pack already just like his dad, while Jason has a two pack oh well he's happy. Jason ran downstairs in his red swim trunks and ran out the door with his cousin (I'm jack's uncle since the boys and I are almost brothers so Jack is Jason's cousin so everyones related) Mary on his back laughing as he threw her in the pool. Just then Olivia and Alyssa walked in the house with two faces I've seen before. "oh hi uncle Ni this is Freddie, isn't he hot" Olivia said. "oh and this is well this is dad" Alyssa said removing the cooler away from Zayn's face. Olivia and Freddie walked hand in hand to the pool then Freddie jumped in and Olivia jumped into his arms, how cute. Then Harry Wanda Dustin and Bryn walked in and headed straight to the pool. "UNCLE NIALL FREDDIE AND OLIVIA ARE KISSING" Mason screamed while covering Mary's eyes, he's a good brother. Just then Harry jumped in took off his swimsuit in the water and threw it on Freddie's head saying "that better be all thats happening or next time something else will be on your head" Olivia hit Harry and threw his swimsuit at him with a look of embaressment and disgust knowing that her uncle was next to her naked.  


KIDS GET OVER HERE DINNER TIME! I shouted to all the kids still in the pool and threw a burning hot hotdog at Freddie while he stared at Olivia HEY BUDDY EYES AWAY I screamed as he yelped in pain. "ok kids lets show ol Freddie how we sing" Louis said in an old American accent. "so tonight lets get some, and live while we young" they all finished off and we all clapped especially at Alyssa she had a far more amazing voice then everyone else even better then her father.

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