X Factor days

read to find out


3. chapter3

Skylas pov

When danielle was done puting to boys in the groups we whent our own ways and stared to teach them the dance moves. ok guys i said  looking at them the first step is easy you are going to put your left foot be hind your right then walk to your left. whil i was techeing my group i looked over at danielle to se if she was ready to have them try it together. she looked at me and noded i think she has a crush on liam. danielle noded. then i toled the boys that they where going to try it all together now as a band. they set up on stage and the song begen. that was really good for a first try daielle said after about 2 mor houers daielle said ok guys thats it for the day we will practies tomowor at the same time as today she saide. me and danielle went to go get our bages and walked out the stodieo the same time the boys did and a whole bunch of girls where screaming a bunch of stuf like " WE LOVE YOU ONE DIRECTION!"  and "OMG ITS ONE DIRECTION!".  Danielle and i got to our car and stared to go home.


Zayns pov

When danielle told us what group we where in i was happy when i got put in skylas group but so did harry and niall. i can see it in harrys eyes and the way that he was watching her dance that he really liked her and " want's to get to know her better" but i also like her to but every girl i know goes to harry but i dont know why. but just bye meetting skyla to day she is a shy poreson just like me when you first meet her. i want to get to know her better but not in the way i know harry is thinking. me and the boys got back to the houes we where staying at whil at the  x factor. all of us are single ecsept louis and i know liam has a HUGE cruch on danielle. hoe do i know that well caues he told me.



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